Monday, October 12, 2009

~ Week 11 - The Secret ~

To think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words but in great deeds.

I try to always think well of myself but somedays are not as easy as others. I try to do good and help my family and friends out as much as I can. I know that if someone has a need and I will try my best to do what I can to help out with whatever the need is.
I can remember when I was a Jr in high school and our class was cleaning up toys that people had donated. It made me feel good inside that some child would have a smile on there face on Christmas morning because of what we were doing.
Also I love to help out whenever I can, I try to help at my children's school , with having a little one I'm limited on what I can do but I grade papers & donate items they need. The food drive will soon be starting and I help put baskets together.
Also last week the girls and I went to the Pregnancy Care Center to donate some used clothes, that Carly had out grew and there was a older lady with a cane coming to the door and we were leaving and my Jennifer who is only 5 yrs old, held the door for the lady without being told. It made me feel good that she helped.
It just makes me feel good to do something good for someone no matter how big or small.


Holly said...

It does feel great to help someone else!

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