Sunday, October 18, 2009

~ Homework & A Great Deal ~

This is just a little post of a few things we done this weekend. Jennifer was all excited when she got out of school Friday. She had homework and she was to go out and find some colorful leaves to take back to school on Monday. Well the park we live beside has a few colorful trees. Here in Nevada you just don't see all the pretty colors like back east. Anyway I told her we would go sometime over the weekend. Well Saturday afternoon we went and found some leaves. It was fun and then we went and grabbed Taco Bell for supper and brought it home, since Dad didn't wanta miss his NASCAR Race, LOL.

Jennifer looking for leaves.

Marie just playing in the leaves.

Ridge, Marie and Jennifer

This afternoon I had to run out to get a few things so I stopped by one of favorite Thrift Stores, I went there just to see if they had any cute clothes for the kids. I have found alot of stuff I like there. Well when I first walked in the door they had alot of Halloween Costumes. I thought I would check them out on the way back after checking out the Kid's clothes. When I got back by there stuff I found a dollhouse and it was only 20 dollars. I had just priced some dollhouses at Walmart when I was there on Saturday. This was a great deal and bigger than the ones there. I just had to so I bought it. I didn't find to many clothes but that was ok, I found a dollhouse. It was even Little Tikes brand.
On the way back to the front I stopped by the costumes and I found a couple for the girls. I don't get to much into Halloween but do take the kids to get a little candy. I got a good deal on those to. So all I spent was $10 on those both together.
It was a good day I came home and scrubbed the dollhouse the girls were tickled. I told them maybe if you want you could ask Santa for some stuff for inside it. I was excited, I just love going to those little shops sometimes you can find the neatest stuff.

Marie's costume

Jennifer's costume

Back side of the dollhouse

Dollhouse front view


Holly said...

What a cute dollhouse and it's in great condition!! My friend is looking for one just like that. That's the one she had growing up.

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