Wednesday, October 28, 2009

* Thanks *

Just wanta say thanx for all the sweet comments on Monday's Blog post it meant alot. Yesterday was busy and I finally got some things finished that I started a couple weeks ago. So that was good :)
I also just wanted to share this and it was so cute. It was almost like my Jennifer who is 5 read my blog post, which I know she didn't. Yesterday morning after Dad and the older 2 kids went to school & work. Jennifer was watching Nick Jr and took a break to come get a drink and I was in the kitchen. She said Mommy when I get Big I wanta do things just the way you do them. You always make me Happy. I thought to myself Wow I must still be doing ok, LOL. Children are such a joy and how sometimes they know just the right thing to say. It just made me feel so good today.
On another note tonite Hubby and I are going to sit down with my step-son and try to have a pretty firm talk about things just keep us in thought that the right things get said and doesn't end up with alot of hard feelings.
Thanx so much for listening and I hope you have a great Wednesday !!!


Holly said...

Aw, Jennifer is so sweet. Keeping you in my thoughts and I hope the talk goes well and he is open to it.

Franchesca Cox said...

Your Jennifer is so sweet!

*thinking about you*

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