Friday, September 30, 2011

Project 365 - Day 273

Love the last line ~ Last day of school !!!

Yay for Today !!!

Today we are all pretty happy !!!

Today is the last day of school !!!!

Looking forward to a nice 3 weeks off. Remembering when we started in late July and now its all worth it.

I love having the kids home but I know by the time the third week rolls around we will all be ready to go back.

A extra Yay for Today !!!!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project 365 - Day 272

Tonight I went grocery shopping. Thaniqua came along everyone else at home. It was nice just my big girl & I. I treated her to some McDonalds. We had a wonderful time TOGETHER. She is getting so big but still loves to hangout with Mom.

Parent/Teacher Conference & Update on Snack Time

I'm really Happy .......

I'm really proud of my children.

This week has been parent/teacher conferences at school. I really never hear anything bad. Ridge likes to talk but for the most part that is all I ever hear.

Anyway .........

Kids are doing wonderful.
Ridge is reading at a High level. he is a fifth grader and can handle 9th grade level. He loves to write and is doing well with that. His teacher is having him read books and write reviews on them for other students. Ridge wants to write a book someday. He has a story started on my laptop. Really makes me proud. Math he needs some work but is still right where he needs to be.

Thaniqua is a model student. Her teacher said if I could have everyone as kind as her I would be in Heaven. Work wise she is reading 6th grade level & doing well. She is in the 4th grade and also in choir. She is also working on a story for her reading class.

Jennifer ~ Jenna she wants to be called that now that she informed me I am growing up. She makes me laugh. She is doing very well. Reading at 3rd grade level. Her teacher also told me she gave 2 difficult math problems and Jennifer was the only child in the class to get them right. She listens well no matter how out of hand the class is.

So Paul & I are above Happy with them.

I can't leave Carly out. She is learning at home can count on her own to 13. Abc's through the letter L. Trying real hard to catch up with the others , Lol. Learns so much from Dora & other shows she watches. Yay !!!!!!

For the second part of this post here goes.

First I found this on Pinterest & thought it fit right in.

Well I had my meeting with the principal about the Jennifer Punch in the Tummy.
I was very brave and voiced my opinion. I also came up with a plan to help stop this from happening again. You know what she was in favor of it.

Here was my idea to help.
Have the PTA purchase a healthy snack like granola bars from Costco at a good price. If the child does not have a snack and wants one they can supply it for them. This is mainly for students who cannot afford to bring a snack everyday like the school wants them to. If a child forgot one they can also have one but this does not need to be public knowledge for everyone to know. To help cover the cost I told them that when we have awards day and parents come to watch they could sell coffee and some type of baked good. All proceeds could help give a child a snack. They have awards day 4 times a year. Also there are quite a few parents that have to stay the entire morning to see all there children get there awards. It would be nice to sell something instead of parents having to run out to get coffee or something to eat while waiting. I know I would support this and the school could take donations for this also.

So now when school starts back after break there will be a snack for everyone.
I'm excited about this and every grade will have a box of snacks for those who cannot afford them.

I'm not happy about what happened to Jennifer but I'm happy to see something good come out of this.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Project 365 - Day 271

Remembering my friend's little boy ~ Happy 1st Heavenly Birthday Noah !!!

It's Wednesday but Not Wordless

I found this & I love this ......

So true....


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project 365 - Day 270

Mommy caught Little Miss Carly using her little monkey for a pillow.
Love it !!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on Yesterday's Post

Just wanted to say than you for all the kind words on todays post.

I just got a phone call and I have a meeting with the school on this tomorrow. I'm praying that we can make a change so no child has to go through something like this again.

Be sure to check back.

Thanx again.

Project 365 - Day 269

This picture is dark and not very clear.

It is so cute.

We popped some popcorn and Carly went and sat down all my herself just eating away. It was so precious. We knew if we turned on the light she would move.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

School Snack Time & A Punch

For the ones of you that follow my blog and are friends with me on FB, you probably know Jennifer got sick at school last Thursday. I was already on my way to school to eat lunch w/Thaniqua. I got there and Jennifer was in the nurse's office. No fever the nurse said but she got sick in her classroom. I called Paul since it was lunch time and he came & took us home. We changed her and put one of her favorite movies in and I did laundry. She seemed fine so after a couple hrs I left to go get the kids at school. Jennifer stayed home w/Jared. I came back and Jennifer ate a few crackers and some 7-Up and was doing good. I decided to sit down and ask Jennifer if there was anything she did different before she was sick. We talked and then I found out a good reason she got sick.

Jennifer told me a girl in her class wanted her snack. I guess she always wants her snack. She sits at Jennifer's table. This is what I send Jennifer for her 10:30am snack. Nothing fancy I feel.

Well here this girl punched Jennifer in the tummy really hard. I also found out this she was chasing her so Jennifer was running from her. It was also pretty warm here last week. So they went inside from recess and she started eating her snack & got sick.

I asked Jennifer Why didn't you tell me ???

I didn't wanta get that girl in trouble. Well Friday we kept Jennifer home even though she could have went. I went to eat lunch w/Thaniqua & Ridge then I talked to the office. So now just waiting to see what happens. I just want this to stop. I don't send anything fancy to school just healthy like they ask us too. That is also what I send the older kids.

I talked to Paul and we both feel its sad that at that young of a age a child would get so upset over a granola bar. We also talked about maybe donating some snacks for the school for children that don't have them. I know it won't be a answer for everything but I just wonder if her parents don't have a snack for her. It's sad but Jennifer has been dealing with this for a while just didn't want to tell on her. I do know that Thursday was the first time she hit her.

So Jennifer is returning to school tomorrow and feeling better since she told us.


Project 365 - Day 268

Not a very good pic but it was a pretty Rainbow. The kids didn't see it until it was almost gone.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Busy .........

This past week was just so much going on. Paul was working a lot which is good. I decided to help him out so he could get home earlier at night. I walked the kids to school every morning. I get 2 miles in round trip and the weather has still been pretty warm so walking in the morning is really nice. I got about 25 miles in this week too. Yay !!

It was also lunch buddies week at school so my days to eat with the kids were Tuesday , Thursday & Friday. I like getting to go eat with them and right now they still like having Mom come to school. I know one day that will be gone and they might feel funny having Mom stop by. I like getting to see there friends and just having a good time together.

Also I can't believe this coming week is the last week of school for the quarter. This Friday September 30th will be the last day of school for three wks. I'm ready and so our the kids. So lots of testing has been going on for them as we have parent /teacher conference this coming week.

So this weekend I'm getting ready for another busy week.......... trying to fit some relaxing in ...... Have a great one whatever you do.


Project 365 - Day 267

Some pretty interesting clouds

Friday, September 23, 2011

Project 365 - Day 266


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Project 365 - Day 265

Someone decorated there folder for school bet ya never guess who ??????

Love it " Thaniqua "

Parent Info Night & Free Dinner

Last night was Parent Info Night at school. There were some changes comming to report cards. That was the main reason I attended.

Also Parent/Teacher Conferences are next week.

Going over our school's reading program.

It was a great night.

The PTA even served dinner to all the parents that came. That was nice & Yummy.

Also any students that attended got a free homework pass to use on Wednesday nights reading homework. Jennifer & Thaniqua went w/me. Ridge already done his and he wanted to stay home and play with his friends. Paul kept Carly so it was a nice evening out too.

Just a little note to explain Homework Hall , that is where the kids go if they don't do there homework & have it signed by there parent on return to school the following day. Our kids have never had to go there. Good way to teach them to get things done I feel.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project 365 - Day 264

God's Fingerpainting

Small Miracles

I'm joining my sweet and wonderful friend Franchesca from Small Bird Studios in her blog hop " Small Miracles "

I have read this quote before but recently seen it again on the site Pinterest.
I so love it. So while I was thinking about what gives me hope ??? I thought look at this quote and all I have walked through.

I look at myself somedays most days and wonder ??? Wow I'm still breathing I'm still living. It's not just losing someone but all that life has thrown at me. I still get up everyday and do what I was put here to do. I am a wife , a Mommy , a friend & I'm really good at being a mult-tasker. It's the Hope of another day. Another reason to get out of bed.

My husband , My kids , My friends & most of all God is my Hope. I live cherishing every moment that I am given.

A few weeks ago I found out a dear friend from High school had breast cancer. Her older sister was really down. We messaged each other and told her about my Mom being 9 yrs cancer free. My Grandma's story which she was cancer free for a long time. My hope helped my friend's family feel better. I felt so good inside to be able to reach out and share.

I'm also a BLM. My children know about it of course. It gives me Hope to hear my oldest daughter & my son not afraid to share the story of our children that live in Heaven or other BLM's that I'm close too. That there is the Hope of a day we will all be a family.

Just know that whatever the day brings there is always HOPE. It's the little things & moments that give me Hope.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Rainbow

Love this Rainbow ~

Thinking of my wonderful friend tonight as right now she is getting ready to meet her Rainbow Baby Boy. A whole new chapter is just beginning for her & her husband. So thankful she let me follow them in this journey.


Project 365 - Day 263


Monday, September 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day 262

My Girls !!!
Just hangin out on the couch together.
Jennifer stayed home from school to rest today. Her meds for her allergies were making her so tired. Carly & her were watching Dora. It was nice having Jennifer home but only for today , Back to School tomorrow.

Out of the Blue

Last night I was trying to blog and was looking on Pinterest. I found this quote. I loved it and I have heard it before. But .........

Yesterday it was more special to me.

Why ??????

My husband he is wonderful such a great person. I'm so lucky & I thank God everyday. He is a awesome Dad to all our children.

Anyway yesterday afternoon I had washed the sheets on our bed and he came into help me put them back on. I didn't ask but that was so nice of him. That's not the best part. Thaniqua was getting ready to go back to youth group at church and I asked him what was Carly doing ?? She was still asleep in the living room. I told him at times its hard to keep track of where everyone is. He laughed and then he smiled wouldn't our home be busy if everyone was here. I looked at him and he said its times like this I miss those other kids we never got to meet. I told him I know I miss them too. He said No one should ever have to feel this.

A Huge Hug for a moment together.

It made my heart smile that he said something and I know he doesn't have to say he misses them but sometimes I wonder if he thinks about them as much as I do.

Riley <3 Little Muffin <3 Sweetpea <3
We all miss you so much.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yellow Roses & Forever Remembered

Yellow roses are soooo beautiful.

Everytime I see them or just the color yellow I remember you.

Today I remember you so extra special. My sweet friend 22 yrs ago God took you home at the age of 18. So much I know you were looking forward to in this life. I just want you know Nancy , you are never forgotten. Forever in our hearts.

Nancy was a neighbor girl , the same age as my kid sister. Her very BFF , a car accident took her life. We love you so much. Can't wait til the day we see you in Heaven again.

Project 365 - Day 261

These little cups of Mac/cheese are quite handy sometimes.
Jennifer loves them and Carly is following right behind her.
Fast & Easy
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