Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~ Read With Us - Chapter 13 ~

Join us as we continue reading with Holly, In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me, by Lynnette Kraft.

In this Chapter, Lynnette speaks of Anna's upcoming surgery and talking to the doctors about it. The doctor didn't think at the time Anna would do well with the surgery. Anna was older now and understood more of what was going on. Lynnette asked God for strength to encourage her. She also speaks of how Anna always trusted her parents well in anything that was going on. Lynnette also speaks of some different memories of Anna. My favorite one from the book was reading the bible and drinking coffee. I sure bet that was cute sitting in her little chair. Memories are the best always, I don't know what I would do without all of mine.

What special memory do you have of a loved one who is no longer here ?
I would have to say my Dad, we were very close and he was a fun Dad. He was always doing something with all of us when he wasn't working. My Dad and I always planted a big garden and he always made weeding fun. It's not really but we would joke around so it made the time go fast and sorta almost forgot what we were doing.
I would also have to say my Grandma she was a christian lady and I learned alot from her. I used to go and stay in the summer time alot and she taught me alot about cooking. One day we made homemade noodles and it was so much fun. I didn't see how she could get the dough that thin without them falling apart. We dried the dough & cut them apart it was fun. I have tried to do but Grandma had the special touch. I enjoyed anytime I spent with her.


Holly said...

You've talked of your dad often and he sounds like such a great guy. I'm sure you had many wonderful times together. I made homemade noodles once. They were so good!!

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