Monday, January 30, 2012

Please Pass the BBQ Sauce

Someone say BBQ sauce ? ? ? ?

Well at our house it is a hit & has been going on for about two months now.

Take a guess has to who it is ? ? ? ?

It's Carly , yes Carly is hooked on it & wants to eat it with everything.

I know after having children they all go through stages but this is really different. I like BBQ sauce & so does Ridge. Paul doesn't care for it but that's okay Carly is making up for the rest of the gang. My Mom always liked it so I tell Grandma I think she def is from our side of the family. Lol

So no matter what I fix Little Miss Carly has her side of BBQ sauce & yes she will eat it alone too any that is left on her plate. Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner can't eat w/out it.

Can't wait to see how long this lasts but I also love that she likes it & so far is not to picky of a eater.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Month ~ Missing You & Growing Up

It's One Month since I lost our little Rosebud ...........

Hard to believe , I think of you so much & I love you pretty baby.

Then there is is this special boy , my only son on earth.

My Ridge Logan

One Month until your birthday.

I will have a 12 year old.

I stop and think of how fast it has went by & sometimes I wish it would slow down.

Next school year is a HUGE one Middle school. Just can't believe it. We already have girls calling , Lol.

I am happy for one main thing is Ridge is a kind & caring boy. He is so against drugs & such. He loves God so much & doesn't hide it.

Ridge I wanta tell you have made me so very proud. I love you so much.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Changes Never

I have been so so busy again but this morning after the children were off to school I took a walk through the park. It was beautiful the sun shining through the trees.

So much on my mind lately , so much I wish I could change.

I know that I can't

I know one thing I'm sooooooooooooooo very blessed & I wouldn't trade a moment of all the heartaches or the joys.

It's life & it's mine.

Thank you God , you are so good.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wonderful Quote

Everyday is amazing. Even if it's awful. Because everything is for a reason. Because I know that this horrible thing that happens today will bring me something amazing tomorrow.
–Sandra Bullock

I found this quote today & it really made me stop and think. Sometimes I think things are so bad just a terrible day then , something good happens. I know sometimes it may not be right away but there it is.

The past few weeks have been stressful another loss for us. Another child I didn't get to meet , to hold but I love you baby Rosebud. I know that it is another piece of me gone but I know God has a plan for everything.

So even though I get down & blue I still get up everyday and Smile cause it's a new day a fresh start to whatever God has planned. So very blessed through it all.


Monday, January 23, 2012

A Diet ???????

Say what ????????

I decided I was going to try to stick real hard to a diet. I really wanted to lose some weight. I was so bad this holiday season. Anyway I was gonna go with Slim Fast cause a few years ago more like 15 yrs I lost a pile of weight. Right around 40 lbs I was really happy.

Well that lasted a week I decided to change & just eat what I ate when they thought I had GD when I carried Carly. It worked well because I only gained 5 lbs carrying her. So what I'm going is eating a good breakfast a couple eggs nothing HUGE. A mid morning snack , A salad for lunch. Carly & I usually have a salad & I'm happy she always eats stuff like that so well. Then a salad & lite supper. I usually have a little afternoon snack maybe a few crackers. Then a evening little snack like a package of 100 cal cookies or such. So far so good with sticking with it.

I also walk 5 miles everyday & have been drinking right around 96 oz of water everyday. Sometimes more when I really push myself.

So as of two weeks I have lost 8 lbs. I'm happy & gonna keep on workin at it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Second Quarter Awards

Last Wednesday the school children got there awards from second quarter. It was fun to see them honored for there hard work , being kind to others & attendance.
They waited til the break was over but it was well worth it.

Jennifer so happy

Thaniqua too.

Ridge was too well somewhat until, I told him I wanted to take his picture. I guess he didn't think it was cool to hold his awards for me. Oh well that's ok I'm still proud of him. He got all A's this past quauter & first time this year !!!! He def is growing up.

Yay Ridge !!!!!

We are so very proud of them. <3

Just a note Carly is doing really well learning at home can say her ABC's & count to 20. She even picks up a book and says Once upon a time , I have a fairytale........Lol She is so funny.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Well tonight I was trying to catch up on reading ...........

Been busy & somewhat frustrated ............

Why ????????

Well the normal stress of life , but then a friend well was supposed to be my friend on Facebook. This past week on Wednesday I found out all the things she told everyone which was a lot of other angel BLM's I'm friends with was all lies. She has no children in Heaven. Her whole life was a BIG FAT LIE !!! It really bothers me that someone would cook up a lot of things that wasn't true. Why would anyone want to pretend that they had children in Heaven. I just met this person online but I had asked for people to pray & just upsets me.

Well I'm not going to go on about it. Just don't understand why people would make up a lie like that. I know there has been others & this won't be the last. Just sad .........


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Morning Sky

Wednesday I walking the children to school & captured these pics.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Praying for Courtney & family

I made this yesterday for Tripp , I hope it brings some comfort to her.

Tripp passed away on Saturday Jan 14 , 2012. My heart was broken , I knew Tripp is in no pain but it's hard to let a child go. I'm praying for this family so much. His mother Courtney wrote a beautiful post , you can click on the button to read it.


Some wonderful lady made this picture on FB , so I wanted to share it on here.

There's never a teardrop that God doesn't see. He knows when a sparrow falls from a tree. there's never a moment when God doesnt care, never a time when he won't hear our prayer. Praying for Courtney & family & friends. ♥ Tripp ♥

One thing that brings comfort is knowing there will be a day when we will see Tripp again. So thankful for that.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jennifer in the Spotlight

Well it's Jennifer's turn to shine.

Just before break on Dec 15th Jennifer was picked for student spotlight at school. Jennifer was picked by her teacher for following rules , willing to help & being a role model for other students.

So here is the picture the school took of her.

Congrats Jennifer !!!!!!!!!!

We are so proud of you. <3


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Very Own Artist

Last Tuesday when I went to school to pick up the children , Thaniqua came running out & told me her teacher needed to talk to me. Well she wasn't in trouble.

Here her teacher told me Thaniqua's picture was going to be displayed at Artsy Fartsy Gallery on this coming Saturday. They were having reception for the children that were picked. There were five in her class & those were the only children from the whole school too. I was so proud and so excited for her. She did the painting before Christmas break. I had never seen it so I was really excited.

So today at 11am we went to Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery.

Here is Thaniqua's painting.

They could sell them if they wanted to but Thaniqua didn't want to. She wanted to keep her first painting. I told her that was fine.

So here is our very own Thaniqua & her first start as a artist at 9 yrs old.
So proud of you sweetie !!

We also heard today that the gallery likes a lot of Thaniqua's work. So that's a HUGE YAY !!!!!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleeping ...............

Mommy caught someone sleeping ................ Love you Carly


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prayers for Tripp

I found this last night on Facebook. I was like Wow so fitting to parts of my life.
Really anyone's life there are all times we just wonder & hurt.

I love to write & so much has been going on lately gonna try to catch up this weekend. Even though I'm broken w/ this latest loss , I'm still trusting God & knowing he will carry me like always before. I'm thankful so thankful for God and all he has blessed me with.

Tonight as I'm almost ready for bed , I have a favor to ask. Please keep this little boy Tripp & his wonderful Mommy Courtney in your prayers. Tripp is getting ready to meet Jesus soon. It's been a journey that has been hard for him. Please pray for Peace for Tripp & his family. Tripp is the same age as my Carly & knowing it would be so hard to have to let a child go at any age.



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short Story Slam ~ Week 18

Life is just like walking in the rain.

Some days are wonderful

Some days are not

One thing I always think of is there are many loved ones in Heaven , I miss.

So while I'm dancing in this rain called LIFE.

I think of my children who are waiting for me.

My Father , Grandparents & Friends.

Most of all I know I'm never alone for they are always there watching over me.

God is always there too.

So walking through life and carrying a umbrella w/always a Angel overhead.

Saying to myself One beautiful day I will see you again.

Thank you God.

Just click on the button below

and follow the image above to write a short poem or story.


Monday, January 9, 2012

A Smiley Day

Just a quick post before bed.

The kids had a Awesome day at school. Things went well back in the swing of things. They really love it so I was not worried. Everyone had homework but not a lot just enough to get things going again.

I thought I would add this smile , I was really smiling earlier today.

I was making Carly's lunch & I told her I was almost done. She wanted to eat. We keep a baby gate in our hallway when it is just Carly & I. If she had full run of the house she would be into everything , Lol.

Anyway I told lunch is ready next thing I know she is yelling for all the kids to come eat lunch. I said Carly remember the kids went to school. She had a funny look on her face. Silly girl I love her. She was def happy to see them when they got home.

I also started a diet today after all the Holiday food & today went rather well. I'm excited to be getting back walking a lot again. We have had some beautiful weather lately too. I will take the 50 degree temps anytime in Jan.

Well I'm outta here 5:30am comes early !! Goodnight all.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Busy Day & Some Fun

Today was busy , making sure the children's things were already for the Big Day of school tomorrow.
The first day back after break is always so much fun , getting back in the swing of things. Kids excited to meet up with old friends plus maybe meet some new ones. It's also a new year to start off right.

So yes everything is all set to go ~ Backpacks packed & clothes picked out !!!

Yay !!!!!!

I took a break to play with Carly on the floor while I was busy !!!

Look at this face , Happy yes so happy !!

We were laying on the floor just laughing. Carly brings such joy to this family. I don't know what I would do without this smile some days.

I love all my children so much but so thankful that I still have a little over two years left with her at home before she goes off to school. I'm also thankful for having my phone close by I took this picture while laying on the floor beside her.

Awesome !!!!! Love you Carly & gonna miss the Big Kids tomorrow , but have fun.

I know Carly & Mommy will.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I love this it says so much.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Sweetpea

Today should be so different , 1st birthday cake & all that goes with that , but it won't happen. I love you my Little Sweetpea !

Happy 1st Birthday ~ I will always love you & never stop thinking of you. Have fun today sweetie , I wish I was there. xxxxoooo

Love you Mommy


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emotions Gotta Love Them.

Today was a emotional day , just seemed like everything I did ended up with some tears. I think those days are good sometimes. My Mom always used to tell me if you feel like you have to cry it's ok. So I really don't feel bad , I actually feel better.

Wow I can't believe break time is almost over & school starts back Monday. I'm happy but sad. I love my kids being home but I know it is time for everyone to get back to the " Normal ". They all miss there friends & I know Carly will miss them but I miss our time together while the whole bunch is at school. So backpacks are ready & clothes all set. Still Wow !!!! I'm gonna miss them but I know we will have all those stories of there days at school.

Well today our weather was just so Awesome. It was warm 65 degrees , wow is this really January. The past three days it has been nice enough to go to the park. Let's just say Carly has been very happy !!!!! Next week is in the low 50's I will take that. I talked to my brother today & they had snow back home so I will def take this nice weather.

Well have a busy morning tomorrow so I'm off to bed. Nite all .........
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