Monday, October 31, 2011

Project 365 - Day 304

Happy Halloween !
Jennifer's Pumpkin she won at school.

Harvest Party

Some pictures from the Harvest Party at our church last Wednesday evening. It was so much fun. They had a potluck dinner then lots of fun.


Happy Birthday Nevada & Happy Halloween

Happy Birthday Nevada !!!!

Here is the balloons all lined up early on Saturday morning Oct 29th

The kids all just loved this balloon , so very cute !!

I'm not taking credit for the pictures a dear friend of ours did & did a wonderful job.

History of Nevada Day

When is Nevada Day?

Nevada became a state (admitted to the Union) October 31, 1864, so Nevada Day is October 31st of each year. However, with the passage of AB396 by the 1997 Nevada State Legislature, Nevada voters, on November 3, 1998 advised the 1999 legislature they wanted to celebrate Nevada Day on the "last" Friday in October beginning in 2000. The legislature, after much heated debate, complied.

Nevada Day is presently a state holiday recognized on the last Friday in October with the parade on the Saturday following.

This year Nevada Day will be observed Friday, October 28, 2011 and the Nevada Day Parade will be held Saturday, October 29, starting promptly at 10:00am rain or shine!

Nevadans love a parade and what better way to celebrate our heritage! Each October, Nevadans turn their attention to Carson City, Nevada's state capital, home of the Nevada Day Parade.

The theme for our 2011 parade is "Nevada's Great Outdoors Enjoying ". This is our annual coming together to celebrate our heritage and the founding of our great state! Now, more that a century old, Nevada Day and its many activities include: the parade, numerous contests, arts, music, and other family-oriented activities is un-equaled anywhere in the United States.

Nevada Day is more than just a parade! It is Nevada's Heritage Celebration, a gathering of community spirit on the last week of October to salute our state's past and look ahead to its future.

Admission to Statehood: October 31, 1864

Biographies: Famous Nevadans

State Bird: Mountain Bluebird

State Reptile: The Desert Tortoise

Constitution: 36th State

Flag: Nevada State Flag

State Flower: Sagebrush

Motto: "All for Our Country"

Nickname: The Silver State

Song: Home Means Nevada

Tree: Single leaf pinon and bristlecone pine

Also want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween !!! Stay safe and watch out for the children tonight. Also since it is Nevada's Birthday everyone Trick or Treats here.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Carnival Fun

It's been a fun weekend , It's been Nevada Day Weekend !!

There was a small carnival at the park next to us. It started on Thursday evening and ran through today. Check back tomorrow for more on Nevada Day. The weather was great in the low 70's , just wonderful.

I took the three older kids. Carly hadn't had a nap and Paul's allergies were bugging him so we both decided I would just take them. It was fun and some of there friends were there too. I took some pics of them not the best quality but fun times.

They rode lots of things !!!

Ridge even found some Pokemon Cards at a great price Two dollars for a pack which is good. He collects those so he got two packs.

We also got a little cotton candy & popcorn but the prices are so high just for the kids to get a armband to ride all day was $ 45 dollars for all three of them together. Wow my parents thought things cost a lot when we were growing up. Anyway we all had a good time and made some wonderful memories , Together.

Project 365 - Day 303

Grilling out for supper.
Weather was perfect 72 degrees out ,tomorrow the same then Colder the rest of week.
Today I enjoyed it & the rest of the gang. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29

Day 29 - What are your beliefs as where you think your children is/are. Will you see each other again ?

I believe my children are in Heaven. Yes I believe I will see them again. I know that song Jesus Loves the Little Children. I believe we will live together in a world with no pain, sorrow , death or sickness. As I pray daily I feel that that day can't be far away.


First Quarter Awards

Thursday was Awards Day from the First Quarter of school. Well the kids of course did great. I'm so proud of them.

Jennifer got special honors for her high grades plus the highest in her second grade class.

It was also D.A.R.E. week kickoff at school this past week. Thursday the students were asked to wear the color Red for D,A.R.E. They also signed there promise this week.

Here are some pics of the kids. We are so proud of them.


Project 365 - Day 302

Jennifer having fun at the Nevada Day Carnival today which lasts all weekend !!
We went and had a blast and it is right next door to us in the park.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28

Day 28 ~ Have you ever corrected or wish you corrected someone about your loss ?

Yes I have and too many times. So many people and I'm not saying all of them but quite a few take miscarriage lightly. No matter how far along in the pregnancy you were it is still a life. I have been hurt by so many people and yes sometimes I don't even bother going on about it. No matter how short my carrying my child it is just as important as the Mother that carried to full term and lost. I really feel like people just don't want to talk about it but it can happen to anyone. I never thought it would happen to me but I do share & try to reach out to others.


Earthquake ? ? ? ? ?

Wednesday Night I was sitting at the computer. It was late around 11:30pm. I was getting ready to go to bed and next think I know I heard this weird noise. It sounded like someone hit something really loud , doors in the house sounded like they opened. I sat here for a moment and then I got up and looked down the hall. Then I thought Wow I wonder if that was a earthquake , so I went to Google and sure enough it was.

Next thing I read a little more then headed to bed. Paul was awake and said did you hear that noise ? I told him what it was and he laughed. He believed me it was just the fact I really thought it was something. Paul grew up in California so he has been around them quite a bit.

I couldn't wait to tell the kids in the morning. They thought it was just something too. I know if it would have been during the day I might not have noticed but I still think it was really something.

Here is the small article from our paper.

Quake felt in Carson City |


Project 365 - Day 301

The Carnival came to town at the park we live beside. It's celebrating Nevada's Birthday !!!!! Yay for lots of fun. It will be here all weekend.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27

Day 27 ~ Share a Picture

I don't have any pics of my children that live in Heaven. I have this beautiful butterfly that was drawn in the sand for me. It is beautiful and just as I think of my precious children in Heaven. Looking at this picture brings a calming feeling to me.


Project 365 - Day 300

Came out of the store tonight after grocery shopping. How beautiful :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26

Day 26 ~ On a scale of 1 - 10 rate your day & why ? ?

I would have to give today a 9. It was terrific and best of all I spent the whole evening with my children. We went to a Harvest party at our church. Best of all they had a potluck supper before all the games & I got out of cooking a meal. I took Meatloaf and Brownies.

I also had some time with just Carly this morning. My step-son that lives with us is usually here since he doesn't work. I love it when I can have the house to myself and Carly or the other kids. I guess I feel sometimes I can't be me. I even got my hair colored at home & Carly said Mommy you look silly. It was fun just us & Nick Jr on the TV.

The only down side was a close friend of ours lost her Mother today. I had a feeling yesterday that this might be the outcome. Please keep her & her family in your prayers. Thanks so much.


Project 365 - Day 299

It's me the " Mommy "
I usually dislike my picture but today I took one & not bad.
Just thought I would share. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Project 365 - Day 298

Starting to look like Fall.

Day 25

Day 25 ~ On Birthday's , Diagnosis Day , Anniversaries of the passing , How do you handle them ?

Well I touched on this yesterday but staying busy , doing something happy & spend lots of time with my kids on earth. I know my children in Heaven are looking down on us. I would want them to see us being HAPPY & know they are so loved & never forgotten. Lots of prayer gets me through.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Project 365 ~ Day 297

First day back to school , One quarter down three to go.

Someone Say Chocolate .................

I found this today on Pinterest and so LOVE THIS ............... :)


Day 24

Day 24 ~

On Birthday's , Diagnosis Day , Anniversaries of passing , Do you prepare for them ?

Yes I do , Of course I think of them. I try to find something to keep me busy. Staying busy doesn't always make it easier but it sure helps. My losses seem to fall around certain holidays so there is always something to tie them too. Praying is also a great source of comfort.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two Special Birthday Parties

Our kids have been invited to quite a couple special birthday parties lately. I know I have spoke about some of the neighbors that we live beside not being so nice to the kids but we have a family that is super. They speak quite a bit of spanish & the kids have learned quite a bit.

The first party was for there twins Jimena & Willi who were turning eight. The party was October 6.

They had cupcakes & ice cream after they got home from school. It was so cute.

Willi & Big Sis ~ Karla & Jimena

The whole family

Funny pic

Best picture I say

Then this past Wednesday was Karla ~ Big sister's birthday. She turned 14 yrs old.

She had a party after school with Pizza & Strawberry cheesecake.

Here is her cake , looks really yummy !!!

Another picture a lot of girls from the party.

Ridge didn't get in any pics told me it was fun but too many girls. He did go & have some pizza & cake. Just to let you in on a secret Karla liked Ridge at one time. She is a real sweet girl.

Lots of parties & lots of fun.
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