Monday, October 12, 2009

~ Read With Us - Chapter 14 ~

Join us as we continue reading with Holly, In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me, by Lynnette Kraft.

In this Chapter, Lynnette speaks of Anna acepting Christ into her heart. That has to be one of the greatest things in life to see your child do this.
What were your own experience of being saved / baptized like ?
I remember I was 10 yrs old and I was raised in a christian home. I remember always wanting to go live where Jesus was someday. I always enjoyed Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. I was baptized at church and right before that I had recently learned how to swim so, I wasn't scared to go under the water. It was a neat experience.
Also in this Chapter she speaks of her worrying about losing Anna and at the same time the best of things.
Have you had times when you jumped between the worst and best of things ?
I think as being a parent I always do and I shouldn't. It's just something that is there. I can remember a time that I was trying to be so strong and give everything to God , was when my Dad was in his last days with cancer. I knew he was getting ready to go home to be with God. He had fluid on his chest but he wasn't strong enough for the another surgery. At the same time I was praying that God not take him yet and wanting the best. I also remember the day before he died him asking me to get his shoes cause he was going home. He told me he could see really bright light. I believe that God told him he was coming home even though we all wanted the best, it was so hard jumping back and forth. We all knew he wouldn't have to suffer anymore.
I also am glad there is the Make A Wish Foundation. A little girl who was in Ridge's kindergarden class in Ohio got to go to Disney World . It was so exciting for her and the family. To have that kind of memories would be great, getting to do something that person really wanted.



Holly said...

I think it's neat to hear about stories of people near the near the end of their lives here on earth. I remember when an elderly person in the church I grew up in was close to passing away she saw something and described it as 'glory'.

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