Friday, October 9, 2009

~ Please Help Danielle Out - Fight For Wyatt ~

I'm asking if you could to please click on the button and read this. My friend Danielle from Letting Go and Letting God Could use your help in trying to get more signatures for her petition. Here's the story summed up short, her son lived for 2 minutes and the State of Tennessee doesn't want to recognize Wyatt's life. He was listed as stillborn so if you can please help her out. Thanx so much for your time in reading this.


Just Breathe said...

I did a post today too!

Holly said...

Thanks for helping out!!

Trennia said...

Do you have to live in Tenn. to sign this?

Donna said...

That is RIDICULOUS, life begins at conception, isn't that was is stated, also, for abortion rights, life is life after the first trimester or so? This TERRIBLE, especially with the Mom already going thru so much grief!!

Franchesca Cox said...

So sweet of you to help out like this!


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