Thursday, October 29, 2009

* 6 Months *

This little girl is 6 months today.
Wow where did the time go ..........
She is changing so much everyday. She is crawling and trying so hard to say words. And just like this picture she will fall asleep anywhere she wants. She usually stays up all day but that's ok cause she has been sleeping all night since she was 2 wks old.

Just love that look.

I Love Books Already especially when people read to me.

I have found I have feet and toes. Always grabbing them.

But one thing Carly has found is cords & plugs. She is always trying to grab them so we are busy teaching her that they will hurt her.This will take some work I know. I have the covers on but it's hard to hide all the cords. She is getting better at listening.
So that's where we are and today I'm going to school with my Mom for my brother Ridge and sister's Marie and Jennifer's Halloween Parties at School.


Trennia said...

have fun ya'll!

Holly said...

Happy 6 months Carly!! She's getting big!

Adrienne said...

Wow she is getting big and so cute! Happy 6 months Carly!

Just Breathe said...

She is a little precious bundle of joy. Adorable, you are blessed.

Franchesca Cox said...

Happy six months!

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