Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a Great Deal

Last Saturday we ran a couple errands and I told my hubby I wanted to stop by this one Thrift Store while we were out. So we stopped by there first. It was chilly and we didn't wanta have to take Carly out of her seat if they didn't have what I wanted. So I ran in the store and promised my hubby I wouldn't be very long. I love those stores and I really like going when I have time to look hard for stuff. I have got all the kids alot of clothes there. Well I was really looking for a high chair but instead I found something I wanted too.

A jogging stroller , I have always wanted one and guess what there it was. It's a In STEP and it is great shape. This is the best part ....... only $35 dollars. I came out and told my husband and he said if you really want it get it. I knew I couldn't leave without it. I kept hoping it soon gets warm so Carly and I could try it out.

Well today the high was 55 and it was just a little windy. Well Jennifer's ride cancelled for school. Her car was broke , so I decided it was warm enough and we dressed Carly all warm and off we went to take Jennifer to school. It was great and now I can't wait for warmer weather so we can get some use out of it.


Holly said...

You got a great deal on the stroller! We got a jogging stroller too and I love it! It's pushes much easier than a regular one.

Trennia said...

That's great!
I love those deals!

Franchesca Cox said...

I LOVE thrift stores too!!! I am so glad you found such a great deal :)

Just Breathe said...

What a great deal, enjoy!

The Runge Family said...

That is an awesome find!!!!

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