Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan 1 , 2010 and Some Fun

First of all let me say Happy New Year once again.

Today was a good day at The Croley Home.

Woke up and got breakfast started French Toast sounded good so that's what we had. After breakfast I got started right away taking down all the Christmas stuff plus the tree. Got it all done and then it looked once again normal. I changed a few things around too. Christmas stuff all put away and I was happy.

After lunch I was going to work on some of my crosstitch stuff. This to funny I just have to share. :) Anyway my Marie that is seven said Mom it looks like Carly has a marshmallow in her mouth. I thought we don't have any marshmallows out. Then I hurried and looked at Carly and she didn't have anything in there. I told Marie she is fine only thing that is in there are a couple small teeth on the bottom that just now are sticking up where you can see them. She has had them for awhile but you just couldn't see them that well. It was so funny and Paul and I still are laughing about it. I'm glad she was looking out for Carly. Children can be so cute at times.

Well at our home there is always some kind of sports on especially when Paul is home. Well I always watch the Rose Bowl no matter what or who is playing but today was really special because OHIO STATE was playing. I'm from OHIO but my hubby Paul is from California and then after his parents died when he was only a child he stayed with his sister in Oregon. So of course he wanted who to win OREGON DUCKS !!!!!! We had a lot of fun joking about it and I told him whoever wins I will be a good sport. My sister sent me this on my phone and I thought it was so cute.

Duck Hunting is in season for Ohio State TODAY !!!!!

Well of course the outcome of the game was OHIO STATE WINNING 26 - 17 !!!!!

So all in all it was a great/ fun filled Day at The Croley Home.

Hope yours was great too.

God Bless


Holly said...

Happy New Year Caroline!! I see that the Bucks won for ya!

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