Friday, January 29, 2010

9 Months

Here it is another month gone by, WOW !!!!

Carly is 9 months today !!

Something new all the time , She has 2 teeth now. Eating more off the table and liking that alot. Starting to chatter and she loves to scream real loud. I think she got that from me. Took 2 little steps the other day and I got to see it !!!

There is one really cute new thing that she can do , she can wave. She waves all the time. In the morning when I get her out of her crib and just anytime. Sooooooo cute but just like a child when you want them to they won't ,but that's ok. So here is Carly saying Hi !!!

Have a great Friday

God Bless


Kristie said...

She is a sweetheart! It's so neat watching them grow and seeing what they it's just cute! :-)

Trennia said...

Hi Sweetie!!! Caroline, she is just adorable!

Karen said...

Happy 9 months Birthday Carly! She is so sweet! Have a fun day!


Adrienne said...

Happy 9 months Carly!! So cute!!!

~Sandy~ said...

Happy 9 months Carly!!!! She is just precious:)

Franchesca Cox said...

She is just gorgeous, Caroline!


The Runge Family said...

Happy 9 months Carly!!!!!! It still amazes me that the girls are getting so big!!!! Carly has Sophia beat out on the teeth though! I think we might be trying to set a record or something!

Just Breathe said...

Hi back! She is so cute.

Holly said...

Happy 9 months Carly!! You're getting so big and doing so many amazing things!

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