Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Weekend

So hard to believe the weekend is over.........

I don't even know what happened to Friday .... It was a busy day , first the kids and Dad had to go to school for Donuts for Dad. It's really neat since school isn't in when it is Father's Day they take time out during another time of year to remember Dad. They have donuts together before school starts. In May they have Muffins for Mom the Friday before Mother's Day. It is a nice idea.
Well then about 9:30 Friday morning Jennifer's ride for school cancelled so I walked her to school. It was such a nice day out & later in the afternoon we walked back again to get the kids and surprise them.
Friday was also my Nephew Anthony's Birthday. He turned 12, wow so hard to believe. The kids and I called and talked to him on the phone. My Ridge and Anthony look alot alike

Anthony McCune my sister's son

My son Ridge

I also posted a picture of Carly just relaxing during the walk home from taking Jennifer to school.

Saturday was another busy day, I did laundry and fed kids lunch. We had a tax appt at noon, which was interesting. We have them done now and that's good. We decided to do them early this year. My hubby is using my laptop since our desktop is messed up. We want to get a new one but will wait til Jared moves out. We went out to eat our late anniversary dinner. We went to Denny's and the kids had a blast like always.

Sunday was church and then I made lunch. Dad had a idea Marie had her free ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins , so this afternoon we went to Best Buy and looked at computers just to get a idea. It makes me nervous last yr when we bought my laptop I only had it 48 hrs and it crashed. So glad we added all there plans, we got it replaced just like that. Then we went and got ice cream, sooooo yummy. We stopped by Walmart on the way home. Marie loves Fried Chicken from the deli there and she asked if we could get some. It was sorta like her day since we had done the ice cream thing. So then we came home and later I reheated the chicken and made some mashed potatoes and corn. It was a good day.

Well tomorrow there is no school so the kids are happy No getting up early !!!

God Bless


Holly said...

Ridge and Anthony do look alike and they are even wearing red sweatshirts! lol We usually do our taxes early. I haven't gotten my W2 yet and I don't think he has either. We should be getting them soon though! We need a new computer too!

stitchndeb said...

I'm glad you finally got to go out for your anniversary! Ridge and Anthony look so alike, I hope they act alike (and in a good way, haha!). Here's hoping you get a great new computer! My kids are glad they have today off too, I hope they're good for me. ~Debbie

stitchndeb said...

P.S. I forgot to mention - At the Christmas party where I volunteer, they served Wal-Mart's deli chicken and it is EXCELLENT.

Trennia said...

I totally agree Ridge and Anthony look alike! WOW!!
Glad you all had a great weekend, hope today is as fun!!!
Thanks again for the lovely gift!
We bought our laptop from best buy too and it crashed within a month!
Hmmm maybe you should look elsewhere?

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like some wonderful days.

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