Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Totally RaNdOm Tuesday - Chocolate

Today I thought I would do my Random thought on CHOCOLATE , since it seems like that's all I have been eating, LOL.

I just love the holidays there is always so much Chocolate.

It's my biggest downfall sometimes but it is always so good. I almost hate standing in the checkout line at the store and looking at all those Yummy Chocolate Bars.

One other thing is I can be having the worst day but it seems just like eating a some Chocolate can do wonders. Anyway I have collected some Tags that deal with Chocolate and wanted to share them. The good thing about these are they are calorie free, LOL. A friend I have on Cafemom made them and she does such a good job.

Well I am back to my old self eating more healthy like always but I know one fact I can never cut Chocolate clear out of my life.



Holly said...

Mmmm I do like chocolate. I don't like to eat too much at one time though b/c it can get too rich for me.

Trennia said...

I love peanutbutter fudge that is my biggest down fall at Christmas!
Plus those yummy white chocolate ritz cracker cookies!

Just Breathe said...

We didn't get overloaded this year but I am holding some to eat over the next few months. I love See's Nuts and Chews.

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