Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Other Pictures - Link Up

Here is a post to add those pictures that are crazy. Pictures you might not ever use. Just head over to Lynnette's Blog to link up.

Ridge , I just wanted you to be still for one minute.

Jennifer you are supposed to look at MOM.

Doesn't anyone wanta be here ????????

Little Miss Carly having a BAD Moment.


Trennia said...


Holly said...

What is Ridge doing in that first pic?! lol

~*~ Allison ~*~ said...

I think I have a few pictures of my son doing the exact same thing that Ridge is doing in the 1st picture!!! Nice to know it's not just MINE.

Thanks for heading over to my blog & leaving a comment!

Many blessings,

Lynnette Kraft said...

Isn't it funny how many off moments we have? HA! I enjoyed yours. hee hee Too much fun.

Love ya.

stitchndeb said...

Your son is a hoot!!! Poor little Carly but her pic just cracked me up. ~Debbie

Paige said...

These are so funny! I don't have as many "bad" ones as I used to- with digitals I just delete! Thanks so much for the blogger award!

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