Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Friday


Finally it's Friday !!! YAY !!!

It has been a crazy week. The kids were off of school on Monday which was good. Then it seemed like Tuesday was Monday and so on. Wednesday I was supposed to go to school for a meeting in the evening, but had to cancel because my hubby had to work over. A friend of mine filled me in on what I missed but I wish I could have went. Today the kids get out at 12:30pm for a early out. So Wow they have had a break a couple times this wk.

No Big plans for the weekend just the normal stuff........

Then comes NEXT WEEK .. Sooooooo much going on .......

Monday Hubby has a Dr Appt nothing bad just a new Dr our old one left. Tuesday morning bright and early at 7:20am I have parent / teacher conference for all 3 of my school kids. I had them scheduled early cause my hubby has to work 10 hr days all wk and it is easier to go in later than leave early. Also Tuesday thru Thursday the kids get out of school everyday at 12:30pm. How lucky !!!!!!
Then Friday Carly is 9 months old.
Saturday my step-son is moving out and I have a feeling it's going to be a rough one on the kiddos and Mom & Dad. It's got it's good and it's bad but I'm praying that God will show Jared the right way to go about things. I prolly will be the one to deal w/ it all cause Dad will be working all weekend too. The end of the month is always a long one and he will be very tired if nothing else.

One other thing it's like Wow , January is almost gone. So hard to believe.
Hoping you have a Great Weekend !!!!!!
God Bless


Just Breathe said...

Have a great weekend and rest up for your BUSY week coming up.

Linda said...

I pray everything goes ok next week, and that your step son will realize what he has had and appreciate you more. Life is hard sometimes and when it is we really have to lean on the Lord.

You are such a sweetie and I always appreciate your sweet comments on my blog posts. I pray the Lord will bless you greatly for the love you give to others.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Trennia said...

I agree rest up this weekend my friend...although I know all the rest will not help the hurt that will go on next weekend, with your stepson moving out.Your family is in my prayers.

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