Friday, January 8, 2010

A Big Reason To Smile

Well today has been alot better than yesterday.

But Today at 3:30pm it was even better.

Marie , my seven yr old got selected to be in the Student Spotlight, which they do every month. They pick two students from each grade K-5th.

Her paper read as follows

Marie Williard has been selected to be in the Student Spotlight by Mrs Owens for truly being a role model in class. She is always prepared and ready to learn. She is respectful of others and a good friend to all.

Then she got a coupon for a free Ice Cream Cone at Baskin Robbins. That is great and we are so proud of her. I like the fact we have a good reason to go get ice cream , LOL.

Congrats Marie Awesome Job.

We All Love You So Much !!!!!!!!!!!


Trennia said...

GO Marie!!!
What an awesome reward!
It's always nice to go out for a special treat exspecially ice cream!

Holly said...

Congrats Marie! Enjoy your ice cream!

stitchndeb said...

That's super! She obviously has a great example in you to follow. The only bad thing about Baskin Robbins is deciding on a flavor but have fun! ~Debbie

Just Breathe said...

Congratulations Marie. That is just wonderful news.

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