Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Words This Morning

My husband is great , I love him so much.

Sometimes it seems like he always knows what to say and when .........

This morning we had just woke up and he told me I could get a shower first & he would get the girls up. So sweet on the weekends he always pitches in so well. I'm always busy during the week w/ kids , house & school plus ....... Carly. Well the past week we had to deal with the flu. He was working lots of hrs so I was dealing with most of it. He still came home to sit w/ whoever was sick and help me in the middle of the night , never complain.

But just before he left our room he said & he has said something like this before. Gosh we should almost have a one year old soon. I was sorta caught off guard & was like yeah we should. Our last loss was Jan 6 , 2011. He said you know I miss all those children. I said I do too. We sure would be busy but you know I wish it would have all worked out , Paul said. It really made my heart smile to know he thinks about them too. Sometimes I wonder but I don't always bring up my feelings out loud but it is nice to hear him. It's all this part of life we share missing children. I'm just so thankful we were blessed & will have a chance to all be together some day FOREVER.



Holly said...

It's always nice to hear your husband talk about the children in Heaven

Debby@Just Breathe said...

We don't often hear how the men feel. Thank you for sharing and I'm happy he can share this with you.

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