Monday, December 5, 2011

Just Some Feelings

I read this over the weekend and it really bothers me. I'm not sure how a lot of people feel but I really think they have went to far on this one.

I mean I have a son who is 11 yrs old almost 12 & He has had some really pretty teachers. My girls this year have a few teachers that are males & are handsome. I guess the reason it bothers me is the freedom to say what you feel. I know we have a teacher that is a great friend of ours & she is very pretty. Ridge has even made the remark to us but I know he was just stating his opinion & nothing more.

Ridge's teacher this year told all the children that she does not allow students hugging her. I can see why because they need to be careful w/all the things can be made into something that was nothing to start off with.

I don't have a problem with any of my children making a comment because I know that would be as far as it goes. I really feel for this child that this happened to. I know I would be so upset if this happened to my child.

Mother: Gastonia Boy Suspended for Calling Teacher 'Cute'

Just for a random thought what if the child said she was " ugly " wonder what would have happened ???



That corgi :) said...

It seems like everyone is so extra sensitive these days about things. I know there should be boundaries between students and teachers, but it the boy innocently said she was "cute" I don't think he should have been suspended. If there was more to the conversation then perhaps there would have been reasons to suspend him. I know when I was in high school amongst us girls we would say Mr. So and So was handsome and swoon over him. I guess we could have been accused of sexual harrassment, but that was over 30 years ago and probably considered "innocent" where nowadays there is so much vigilance about things.

I think there has to be balance with it.


Holly said...

That's just ridiculous IMO

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Our world is becoming a very sad place. It is a shame when the innocence of a child has to be turned around like that!

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