Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fun Homework

Thaniqua is a school play on December 15th. Actually she is in 2 different ones. The one play she and a few other children are presents.

So for her homework the other night we had to get a box she could fix into. Paul works in shipping and receiving so he found a box that would work. He brought it home and I got some wrapping paper & we all worked on it together. Well the girls , Dad & I . Ridge had some homework to work on of his own so we only used Ridge to ask his opinion.

It was really fun working all together. Carly got a big bang out of it. I mean children love boxes anyway.

So I took a few pics. They didn't turn out the best but it was fun.

The girls all took a turn modeling the present.

Thaniqua took it to school Friday & her teacher was thrilled with the job we did. I guess there are a couple kids that are having trouble getting boxes so Paul is going to get a couple more and we are going to make them up for them. It was really fun we spent most of the evening laughing and being silly together. Wonderful memories all over some homework.


Holly said...

That's cool she is in the play!! Well, two! :) Christmas plays are so fun

That corgi :) said...

How cute Caroline! Great project to do together and the girls looked so cute in the present! Sound be a great play!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love it! You did a great job on the costume. Love the photos.

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