Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Friday ~ Dec 16th

Last Friday was Ridge's lunch bunch day. I had lunch w/ him & his best friend. I got a couple subs from Subway & took for lunch. The boys enjoyed it , so did I. I keep thinking next year Ridge will be in Middle school , Wow so hard to believe.

The girls had went Christmas Caroling. The choir went a few places in town. So they had pizza when they got back at 1pm. They really enjoyed going.

I stayed after lunch because Jennifer's class was having a party. All the kids were having one but I felt like after Jennifer's week at school & the backpack deal I would go to hers. They had cookies to decorate. That was interesting & sorta messy. The kids did do a great job of keeping the frosting off the floor.

I took a few pics.

I Love the look on Jennifer's face.

Jennifer's cookies , every child had ten cookies to decorate.

Love the last picture ~ Happy Holidays ~ No more school til next year 2012.



Holly said...

Christmas parties at school were always fun. Hope everyone has a great break!

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