Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's Walk - 24 Yrs Ago Today

It's Wednesday's Walk .........

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I wanted to post something on a happy side this week but since this Wednesday fell on the anniversary of a day that was a horrible but terrific also I could feel that God was near.

I'm a not the normal girl. When I was young I loved playing with trucks and playing in the dirt. Well as I got older things never changed. I liked to go play in the woods and hike. My Mom used to joke and say you should have been a boy.

Well one day a good friend of ours was selling his 3 wheeler cause he recently purchased a new one. Well guess what I wanted to buy it. I have rode them a lot and I was 20 yrs old and had my own money. I did it and I rode all the time. I loved my bike. I had a trail on my parents property plus I loved to ride through the creek.

Well March 31st 1986 - A horrible accident happened. I had been riding all afternoon. It was a nice warm spring day. My little sister wanted a ride , we had done it many times before. The only thing is your not supposed to haul anyone on these. You are not supposed to ride on paved roads either , it is a off road bike.
We broke the rules and on the way back from riding into the small town we lived in which was only 3 minutes from my parents. I hit some loose gravel with the knobby tires and we ran through the Amish neighbor's barb wire fence. I can remeber going to hit the fence and no chance to jump. I remember getting up and feeling my neck and there were 2 holes that blood was just running so hard out of. I thought I would prolly die. My sister didn't get hurt bad just a few scrapes. I was taken to the hospital with my clothes shredded on me. I was so scared and I wondered trying to stay calm if I would live ?

Well things turned out on a good note. I had over 200 stitches in me. It missed my jugular vein by a inch. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to share but I was wrapped from head to toe , I looked like a mummy. I can remember my Mom having to wash my hair for me and I was 21 yrs old. That is something I never will forget. At that time in my life my hair was a big deal ,oh well. I was so glad that God was with me that day. I ended up healing it took a lot of time but I got there. No broken bones , I have a few scars but I'm so glad I made it and didn't die. So this day was horrible but also terrific that I am able to be here and talk about it.

God Bless


Trennia said...

Your a rugh one,huh?
I'm glad you where okay, having you as my friend makes my day happier!

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

wow! lol...crazy. so glad that you AND your sister made it out "ok". thanks for sharing!

melanie said...

wow that's intense! it's crazy how something so carefree and simple can turn into a nightmare. I'm thankful all turned out well!

Jenilee said...

Glad that you both were ok! What a difficult day! wow... thanks for linking your memory up today!

Kim said...

What an amzing story. I am glad you can see the positive in such a terrible situation. Thanks for stopping by today!

Veronica said...

Wow, what a story! The Lord had bigger plans for you and it's clear that it wasn't your time to go! So glad everything turned out alright for both you and your sister!

Diana said...

Praise God it all turned out okay! Thank you for sharing with us so we can thank the Lord with you!

Holly said...

Oh goodness! I'm so very glad you came out of it ok! That's a lot of stitches!

God was watching out for you!

Tim said...

Thanks so much for the kind words on my guest post on Carleigh's blog. They do mean so much.

This was an amazing story. It seems you have many. God obviously has a plan for you here. I too am very glad that things turned out ok.

I faced a life threatening situation were i died for 6 minutes and 45 seconds. God performed a miracle that day and I am living proof here to tell about it. You can read it on my blog under Angels and Miracles if interested.

I hope you dont mind if i follow along here.

Please feel to visit The Fort anytime, you are always welcome.

Love and Prayers,


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