Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Saturday Spent Together

Our Saturday was busy ..........

Busy putting together beds ...........

The kiddos that live here have needed new beds so we finally found some we were happy with and at a good price.

So today it kept Dad busy and each of the kids helped put there beds together. Not because they had to just cause they were excited and loved having something NEW !!! We started at about 10am and finished at about 7pm. I didn't get to do much since someone had to watch Carly but I did some cleaning and laundry during breaks, and fix lunch and supper.

One great thing I like about the beds is the kids can't just throw anything under the bed cause it sits right on the floor. Even has drawers to put some clothes and things in........

How sweet !!!!

Anyway I took a few pictures with my phone , not the best and Jennifer is in most of them. She loves her picture taken , my little photo child , LOL.

Ridge's Room if you can't tell, LOL

The best thing about the whole thing was when I was sitting at the computer checking my emails,we were almost done. Ridge my boy came up and said ,
" I counted up all the money spent and time put into it , Boy you guys really do love us & then gave me a BIG HUG and KISS !!!!!! :)"

Made everything we done so worth it. I know he knows we love him no matter what new beds or not but it was the fact that he took the time to think about everything we done and even count the whole day spent doing something for them.


Trennia said...

You just gotta love the reward of doing for your kids when they appreciate it!

Just Breathe said...

Those beds are awesome. No dust bunnies or other things under the bed!

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...


tHe KnOtTy HoUsE said...

those are really nice beds Caroline. What a wonderful day for Paul and the kids to spend time together. Hugs to you all.

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