Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Dr Appt Last Thursday

Last Thursday , Carly and I had Dr Appt's. It was a new Dr for both of us , it always makes me a little nervous. Carly's Dr just left after Christmas so I had the job of finding a new one. Paul and I also had our Dr leave shorly after I gave birth to Carly. I'm one that doesn't just go to the Dr over every little thing so I hadn't really tried to find someone else. I started having some issues after the birth of Carly. We decided on the just finding one that I could take everyone to.
Well Paul dropped us by the Dr office and it's sorta in a strip mall type setting so we were a little early so Carly and I checked out the Dollar store there. Just taking our time looking around. It got closer to time for our appt so we walked over to the office. I went in and filled out papers for Carly and paid our copay. We sat down and waited and this sweet older lady was in a wheelchair and said to me, You have a cute baby. I said Thank-you and they called her back. We waited and another little girl came in and was just a few months older than Carly. The waiting room was really full but they weren't calling anyone back. Carly fell asleep on me , which was good. Finally after sitting there things started moving a bit. Here came to find out that lady in the wheelchair passed away. I was sad and I thought of how she seemed fine just that little bit she spoke to me.

We seen the Dr and I really like her. I had my T-Shirt on that I got from I Have My Very Own Angel. The Dr commented on my shirt and was asking how many children I had. I told her 4 on earth and 2 in heaven. She said I have one in heaven. Wow I almost didn't know what to say but I was sorry. She said she just loves seeing children and babies in the office. We chatted for a little just on that topic. She lost a little girl at 30 wks. Not sure what happened but no heartbeat. She really liked the shirt and wondered how she could get one. I just happened to have one of the business cards in my wallet. She said she would get a hold of them for a shirt. I was just happy that I could make her smile. I was really glad I decided to wear that shirt too. She doesn't have any other children yet but is trying.

After our appt we went and caught the bus home and I couldn't believe what a morning we had. It was nice to be able to share with our " New Dr " but at the same time my heart is sad for the lady we saw in the waiting room. Praying for both them so much.

God Bless


Holly said...

That is so sad about that elderly women. :(

How amazing that you wore you tshirt and ministered to someone else. I hope she gets a tshirt too. I love mine!!

Trennia said...

That's sad about the elder just never know.
You are such a wonderful mom :)

stitchndeb said...

I think I would be really distressed knowing that lady passed away. I'm glad you got to share with the doctor though. ~Debbie

September said...

Maybe you can link the t-shirt up for us all to see?
That was a Providential visit wasn't it... it is amazing how God works! Glad to hear you find a Dr. that you might all be able to go to.

Kristie said...

It sounds like you found a nice Dr. and how wonderful to be able to share with her.

How sad for the elderly woman to pass away just after seeing her. We never know when God will decide to bring us home. :-)

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