Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Walk - A Special Teacher

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Well this week's is a new memory. One that I just had the pleasure of seeing last night. One that I will never forget. My son Ridge his teacher Mrs Lori Browning got the " Teacher of the Year Award "

What a honor and to a wonderful , christian lady. I just love her to pieces and I know when I found out who Ridge had for this coming school yr I was so very excited. Just a little bit about her ..... She is a mother herself and is very devoted to her work. She goes to school early or stays late. Always working on something.

I have a couple memories of her. One was last year when the school district was talking about the budget and closing one of the 6 grade schools here. It happened to be her school. Lori made Ribbons that said Save our School. She worked hard on a plan that would save the school money. I attended most of the school board meetings because I really cared about the school my children were attending. What I remembered most about her was these Children are our Tomorrows. So very true. She prayed with others and you know what the school did not close.

Also the school has a garden where all the classes learn how to plant and take care of and harvest a garden. Since our school is year round it works pretty well. Last fall she taught my son's class how to harvest , make money and do something good with the money they made at there Farmer's Market. She used Math for the money and social work for the good they did with the money made. Money was split part went to a young girl that attends school there that has cancer and the Nevada Food Bank

One other thing I love is every morning at the start of class, she takes 5 minutes of quiet time. It's almost like a prayer time but she can't say that. Every child is to think of something or someone during that time.

So last night was a great memory for my son and us. She asked that anyone in her class that could make it to the meeting come and stand with her tonite while she received her award. When she was given a chance to speak she said This is my reason I received this tonight because These are the Children of Tomorrow and without them it wouldn't have been possible. So Congratulations to Mrs Lori Browning !! What a Awesome Teacher !!

Mrs Lori Browning with some of her students tonight.

The school sign " Teacher of the Year " Lori Browning

Have a great Wednesday !!!

God Bless


Trennia said...

That is awesome!

Carrie said...

How wonderful! Teachers like that are rare (teachers...people). I am praying for my E to have these kind of leaders when she is old enough for school. Thank you for sharing!

jamers said...

Wow! That is quiet an honor. Great post

Lori said...

I'm already starting to pray that my child get wonderful Christian teachers! They make such a difference for our children!

melanie:::adorkable said...

That's so awesome! Thatnks for sharing and thanks for stopping by "Adorkable!" So glad you enjoyed my post!

Karen said...

What a wonderful example! You son is blessed to have her as a teacher! So is your school!

Kristin said...

Your son is lucky to have had a teacher like that, as teachers that care that much can be hard to come by. Great post, thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

What a special teacher she is! I love to hear stories like this. How special to know her and the impact she's having.


Holly said...

She sounds like a really great person and teacher!

That corgi :) said...

congrats to Lori Browning! she does sound like a very special teacher and woman indeed! I like how she had the kids garden and harvest and sell their goods; that was a very good learning opportunity I'm sure!! it is neat when teachers who are hard working and dedicated get honored like this :)


Jenilee said...

that is great! I love that they honored her like that. she sounds like an amazing teacher and her students reallly benefited from being in her class. thanks for telling us about her!

Linda said...

What a great teacher Caroline. I am glad she won an award.

Thanks for sharing this with us. The world needs teachers like this.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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