Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Sunday Cookout

Today we cooked out for supper. I love grilling out and I like just having a simple grill no gas one. I had a bad time with one a long time ago and since then I decided I like one that you use charcoal. Well Saturday morning we went to Walmart to get grocries and I told my hubby maybe we could get the smallest one they had. I don't need anything big or fancy. So we got one and I was so happy.

So today we had a cookout. Just Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. We did make some Smores and the kids loved them. It was a lot of fun there were a couple neighbor kids out so we let them make a Smore to. I made a cucumber and onion salad to go with it. We had chips too. Carly seemed to like her Hot Dog better than she usually does. I cooked of course and my hubby was sorta bummed the NASCAR race got cancelled until tomorrow. He loves to watch it on the weekend since he usually has to work. Oh well I told him I'm sure there is a ballgame on. He likes that too.

So tomorrow I plan on cooking some steaks I bought on sale Saturday and having Baked potatoes for Monday dinner. With our Big weather change again COLD WEATHER YUK !!!! Since they are calling for rain and snow the rest of the week. Oh well maybe someday it will stay warm.

I added some Random pictures of my kiddos ..........

Marie wanting to be the Cook !!

Jennifer being her silly self ........

Ridge just being himself !!!!

Have a great one !!!

God Bless


Trennia said...

We cooked out saturday,it's just fun I think!
Your kids are so cute!

That corgi :) said...

cookouts are always the best, aren't they? not sure why, but things cooked over a grill always taste so much better than if they were cooked inside on the stove. Love grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks indeed! (and who could forget the s'mores, yum!!!)

that cucumber and onion salad sounds interesting; never thought of putting those two things together in a salad. I love cucumbers but they don't like me (terrible indigestion) so I can't enjoy them like I once did

hope the steaks come out good tonight!!

enjoy Monday :)


Holly said...

We cook on our grill a lot but it's a gas one. Anth does all the cooking on it. Can't wait to make some s'mores this summer!

Just Breathe said...

Yummy dinner. I love when we grill.
We can do it all year but usually only think about it in the Spring and Summer months. I guess that comes from growing up in the midwest!

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