Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Different Kind of Fundraiser ...........

School Fundraiser - Cow Plop

You're probably thinking what is that ?????

I remember the first yr my children attended school there I thought I'm from Farm Country in Ohio. We never had anything like this ........

Here is what they do they have squares no certain amount. They sell squares for $ 5 dollars a piece. They have a wk to sell squares. Then on Friday they bring 2 cows to the school. They wait for the cow to plop in a square. Sometimes it takes a while. They usually raise over $ 1500 dollars so usually 1st place is around $ 500 dollars and second is $ 300 dollars. The rest of the money goes to the school for fieldtrips , any school supplies that they need to operate. It really is great because a lot of people donate a set amount every yr. The kids really enjoy that. The whole week they have a theme ....... on Farming ..... on Friday everyone is supposed to dress up like a Farmer of course.

Also they have a Mooing Contest ..... which they have students that want try to be the best. They give away 1st 2nd 3rd places , which are 2 movie tickets for each place. Also for just trying they give out a Milky Way candy bar. It's so cute !!! The kids have a blast.

Also on Friday they let the kids go out and pet the cow while there. This yr they had the cow over by the kindergarten recess area. So I took a few pics on my camera phone , when I dropped Jennifer off at noon.

God Bless


Just Breathe said...

Yep, that is way different!!

Trennia said...

That's pretty neat!
Our kids school's just ask can you send in doubles or triples of every item like 32 folders,3 bottles of glue,3 packs wipes, 3 hand soaps ect..I do get upset I always have to pay for other's stuff,exspecially since Julie got hit and kicked over hand sanatizer a couple of weeks ago that I sent in, and the principle to call me telling me that Julie started it!
Wanna know how?
She poked the boy and said, can I please have some?!
Yeah, she started it because she poked him after askking several times,just a poke! She has bruises all over her legs!
Then the teacher send a letter home monday can you please send some more hand sanatizer?
I don't think so I bought Julie her very own hand held kind to carry.I am sick of sending stuff in for my child and everyone elses too!
Wish her school did this.

That corgi :) said...

now that is the cutest and most original fundraiser I have ever seen! I love it! It beats selling chocolate or wrapping paper indeed! sounds like it would be a great one to participate in!


Kristie said...

A local town around here has had a cow plop before during their festival...I'm not sure if they still do it or not. I remember thinking how cute of an idea it was. :-)

Holly said...

I have heard of this type of fundraiser before. It's a little different but pretty neat!

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