Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's Walk - My Grandparents

It's Wednesday's Walk .........

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Today I'm remembering my Grandparents on My Mom's side. They were wonderful and I spent lots of time with them in the summers. I can remember they were very involved with the church they attended. My Grandma played the piano at church. My Grandpa was the janitor.

They also were caretakers of the church cemetery. I know they especially taught me repect in the cemetery and how important it was to take care of the graves. Since it's spring time and everyone is planing flowers. It makes remember when I was old enough to help them I used to take a pair of hand grass shears and trim around the tombstones. How my grandparents never liked us to run and play there because it should be a place to remember those we have lost. Also my Grandpa never mowed the grass until Thursday's, so it would look nice for the weekend. I can even remember my Grandma taking a broom to all of the tombstones and making sure there was no grass on the stone. Some that got dirty from birds she would even clean them with water. I just think it was neat that they took such great care of something that meant so much to others. It is a great memory and everytime I go to a cemetery I always think of what they taught me and how caring they were to others.

Even though your not here today Grandpa and Grandma I love you and I know your in heaven looking down and smiling :).

God Bless


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

Awww. Great Memory!!! :-) I have one living grandmother, but the rest are in Heaven.I miss them dearly, and have so many good memories of them.
That's awesome that they took care of the cemetary. I wish the one where we had Lilly burried took the extra time like your grandparents did.
Hope you're having a wonderful day, and thanks for sharing!!!


That corgi :) said...

what a wonderful memory to share with us about your grandparents; I think that was neat how they took so loving care of the cemetery


Jenilee said...

how sweet. thanks for sharing their story with us. my grandfather turns 80 tomorrow and I'm so thankful for his life as well. thanks for joining in!

Kristie said...

What wonderfully beautiful memories of your grandparents! Made me tear-up reading about them. Thank you for sharing :-)

Holly said...

Wow, your grandparents were such wonderful caretakers. I think that is really great.

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