Sunday, April 11, 2010

School Bells Ring Tomorrow

Backpacks packed

Clothes ready

Coats and Shoes ready

Believe it or not the kids are excited ..............

Kids are back to school and it's so hard to believe that three wks have passed by so quickly. This whole school year has passed by so fast. It's been a good one so many good things have happened for all of them this school yr.

This past break was a little not so fun but it was mainly the weather's fault. It was chilly and windy most of it but we still had a good time. We went to the library and had plenty of birthdays to celebrate. We moved and the kids helped with a lot of it. We didn't get to go to the park for a picnic but maybe the weekends will be nice , never the less just being together is important not what we did or where we went.

So tomorrow is the start of the last quarter of school for the gang. I know Carly will prolly take a few days to adjust to where everyone has gone again. I'm excited to hear all there stories at the end of school when I pick them up. Everyone trying to talk at once ....... it's great and I think to myself how I have been blessed with the greatest job in the world .... Being a Mom !!!

Best of Luck Ridge , Marie and Jennifer. Mommy loves you !!!

God Bless


Trennia said...

Good Luck kiddo's!

That corgi :) said...

seems like it was a good spring break and some fun things were done; it is hard to predict how weather will be for it; I know even here in Southern California, with the kids spring break, the weather went between hot to cold to rainy back to hot and again repeated that cycle, all in 2 weeks. but the rest from routine is always a good one I think


Holly said...

Hope they have a good first day!

sanjeet said...

That is awesome!
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Just Breathe said...

I'm sure you can use the break before summer comes.

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