Friday, April 9, 2010

A Little Disappointed

A little disappointed.......

My husband Paul is a little down in the dumps. Yesterday he got a email from his oldest son Justin that attends Mount Vernon Nazarene College in Mount Vernon ,Ohio. Well I guess he found out yesterday that he can't be in any graduation stuff for some reason. I guess he won't finish all his classes he needs until May 10th and Graduation is May 22nd. Justin has had a tough time through college as in getting loans ans so forth. Well Paul was going back for Graduation , he had his plane ticket bought and things ready. Well Paul is still going back that weekend. He can see Justin and his daughter Jessica that also attends college there to.He hasn't seen them for 3 yrs. I'm not going because I didn't wanta take this gang out of school since they will only have 3 wks or so left. I knew if I went back there is too many people I would want to see and I wouldn't have enough time , LOL. I joking told Paul I might need a month to go back to visit. 3 yrs I have been gone is along time for me.

So like I told Paul he may not get to walk with his class but he will still graduate which is important. I know we will still be proud of him no matter what. So today we just wanta say Justin we love you so much. You have done a good job working and going to college at the same time.

God Bless


Kristie said...

That has to be so hard for your husband's son after all that time and work! I'm sure your husband will still enjoy his visit and seeing his children. I'll be praying for them! :-)

April said...

I surprised at that! He is finishing classes 12 days PRIOR to the graduation walk... My sister in law finishes up her clinicals in late June but will be walking on june 12th. If, according to their records - he is graduating that year, he should be walking! I don't understand that.

I hope Paul enjoys his visit, but I am bummed for your step son!

Holly said...

That's weird b/c I walked in my ceremony and I wasn't even finished with classes yet!

Trennia said...

So sorry,that sounds weird,but I don't know nothing about it honestly.Thinking about yall, are you coming to Ohio this summer? Or Ky?
Was hoping we could met up and talk in person.

Just Breathe said...

I understand the disappointment but the fact that he is graduating is huge! It's one quick day, this too shall pass. The diploma is the best part and he should hold his head up high.

sanjeet said...

I hope Paul enjoys his visit, but I am bummed for your step son!
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