Saturday, April 3, 2010

Six Word Saturday - update on our move

Here is how it works using six words , describe your life ( or something ) in a phrase.

Oh , the wonderful joy's of moving !!!

Moving is something that I don't really care to do but at the same time it gives me a reason to throw things away , that I really don't need to keep. Last Saturday our landlord and his wife stopped by our apartment. We recently moved from the upstairs apartment last September. Well the noise has been terrible even after what is quiet time 10pm. So we have been dealing with it and trying not to complain a lot. Anyway our landlord asked me if we would like to move to a quiet part of the complex. My hubby was at work but I went and took a look at the new one. I really like it and it was recently remodeled. So after talking to Paul we decided we would move. It's been pretty easy and by Sunday night we should have it all done. It will be nice it's just the idea of it. I don't mind a little noise especially since we have 4 kids but at 11 pm running a vaccum cleaner and things like that it will be nice. So to say the least I'm really glad our landlord stopped by last Saturday. Thanx to him for thinking of us.

Also Today is another Happy Birthday at our house My Husband " Paul ".

Besides the move we are taking Dad out to dinner at IHOP tonight. Prolly having a little cake or some kind of good dessert for his special day.

Have a Happy 6WS and a Awesome upcoming wk.

Wish everyone a very Happy Easter !!

God Bless

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Hootin' Anni said...

Oh moving...that's a 4 letter word around our home....W O R K!!!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a blessed Easter Sunday tomorrow!!

Ronnica said...

Yay for moving to a quieter apartment!

These are my last days of apartment life (I think) as I'm moving in with a friend in her house. There are many conveniences, but the noise is definitely an annoyance! Thankfully, the apartments I live in now our quite quiet.

Crystal said...

Happy Easter - following you now. Come by and check me out.

faerwillow said...

~may your new home be filled with only peace and serenity...wishing yours a very happy birthday...may this new year be filled with much l♥ve joyful moments and memories made to be savored always...brightest blessings~

stitchndeb said...

Caroline, if the video of handbells turns out okay tomorrow, I will upload it on Facebook so you can hear How Great Thou Art.

That's neat that you get to celebrate all those birthdays in a row, and then Easter tomorrow! I'm glad you are getting moved to a quieter place. Here I thought you were moving to New Mexico, darn. ~Debbie

Trennia said...

Happy moving,Happy Birthday Paul, and Happy Easter!
Wow that's alot of happiness for you all!!!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

My six words for you: After it's over, enjoy your rest!
My Six Words
Shadowy Toilet!

Olivia said...

Happy Easter! He is risen; He is risen indeed! Enjoy your new apartment!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

I really hate moving.. LOL
Lovely 6WS!
Happy Easter!

uthostage said...

Stopping by from 6WS. Good luck with your move!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Paul!
Happy Moving!
Happy Easter!

Blessings all around!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Just Breathe said...

That is awesome, it sounds great.
Moving is always a great time to get rid of stuff. Hope it all goes well. God Bless.

Holly said...

Hopefully this area will be much better for noise!

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