Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Missing Check

What a Mess ..........

About a month ago my husband, Paul told me they were going to start mailing paychecks starting April 1st. He could have direct deposit but has had some trouble in the past with money not being there when supposed to. So he has been one of the ones that still recieve a paycheck.

Anyway last wk after we moved I put our change of address in on Thursday. Which meant it prolly wouldn't go through the post office until Saturday since it as to go to the main branch. Well our mailman knew of our move and said he wouldn't send our mail back if it had the old address. He would just put it in our new box. I was ok with that since we knew his check would be coming.

Well usually it comes on Wednesday or Thursday and no check........ well Friday came and no check...... Saturday came and still no check......

Yesterday I checked the mail after getting the kids from school and still no check.... So I called Paul at work and told him there was no check so he said he was going to HR office and see what they could tell him. Well when he got home he told me they pretty much said it was our fault. It was up to us to check the post office and see what was up. Also they told Paul that if he wanted them to trace it or stop payment on it , it was going to cost him $ 25 dollars. Wait a minute that doesn't seem right when they are the ones that decided to start mailing them. Well I looked in the handbook today and I can't find it anywhere that it states that you have to pay for it.

So this morning Paul and I took a trip to our post office and they had no clue to where it was. We knew before we went what the outcome would be. So after Paul took 2 hrs personal time and went to work today. He told them what he found out. They cut him a check and also told him they took $ 25 dollars out to stop payment/trace.

Paul still isn't happy but glad to finally have something done and his paycheck. The company he works for is really nice but I guess this is just one of those little things we never think about. So I hope if anyone ever gets a check mailed from work they check out the policy for it.

God Bless


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

Well that stinks. I work at a bank, and our stop payment fee is I can understand why they charge. BUT...that should be clearly stated in the employee hand book or something. CRAZY... glad he finally got his check though!

Kristie said...

Wow-that is quite a mess! I'm glad he actually got most of it in the end!

Holly said...

That's crazy! There should be a policy for it if they're gonna charge you like that!

Trennia said...

That bites, it's always the persons fault that the item/money belongs too when something gets lost in the mail,right?
Wrong they just sound rude to me!
Sorry Caroline some days just bite huh?

That corgi :) said...

poor you guys! glad you got it worked out in the end but sorry it cost the $25. now if the check services, of course you won't get that money back :(


Donna said...

I am glad to hear it all worked out. They should have notified the employees that if it gets lost in mail etc they would have to pay a $25 fee to have it stopped and a new one issued.

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