Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~ What A Wonderful Teacher ~

My Ridge is in the 3rd grade & his teacher this year is wonderful. We met her at open house a few days after school had started. I did know her a little bit before hand since I had went to a few school board meetings when we thought they were going to close my children's school last yr. Well as it turned out things worked out. His teacher Mrs Browning is so neat, it wasn't just her job she was looking out for but for all the students, when she spoke at meetings last yr. I liked her then but after the past couple wks, she is so great. Yesterday " Tuesday" she asked me if Ridge could be at school before 8 am about 7:45 & I said sure. She wanted me to come to if I could, so I went too. The students in her class were having a Farmer's Market before school. The money collected was going to a girl by the name of Faith Ann that attends middle school and has cancer. The students at school plant a garden & since they go to school yr round they learn how to harvest there plants. They even take the children out to learn how to weed and such. Anyway the neat part of today was the children were learning how to make change for selling items, that's why she wanted some parents there to help out. Also they were learning different ways to price things like by the pound & such. The main thing she wanted to get across to them was by doing something good to help someone in need. I thought all the ways she tied so many lessons into one thing. Ridge also shared with me a couple weeks ago that every morning after school starts she has a little bit of quiet time for everyone to think about anything they choose. Ridge says it is sorta like prayer time but she doesn't say that. It lasts 5 minutes or someone can share something special that has happened. I think everything she is doing is great & yes she is a really nice christian lady. I'm so happy she is my son's teacher.


Trennia said...

That's so awesome!

Little Ladybugs said...

That is so wonderful. We are so blessed with good teachers. I am so happy to hear he has one of the great ones.

Holly said...

What a great teacher. I love the idea of the quiet time!!

Kelci said...

It makes such a difference when we leave our babies with someone else! It so good to know that they are in good hands. Sounds like she's not just good, but great! Good for you!!!!

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