Thursday, September 24, 2009

~ Hey Mom, There's A Lizard ~

Today I just had a feeling it was going to be somewhat of a not so normal day. Sometimes I can just tell when I get up in the morning and how the children seem. Well today Carly would not take a nap at all. Marie, Carly & I decided to go for a walk to Smith's to get a few things and stop by the library. We got home and I gave the girls a quick bath and started supper. Next thing I know Ridge came in the door yelling there is a lizard outside our apartment. I freaked out, I told him there can't be well guess what .......... there really was. My neighbor Kelly was outside too. I called Paul at work & told him of course he just laughed :) I had Ridge take some pictures for me to show Dad when he got here. He used my camera phone so there not to great. Anyway here goes.....

The lizard under the steps & look Ridge's Army man passed out, we think had to throw something funny in there.

The lizard kinda spread out. Prolly wondering where it could run.

We showed the pictures to Dad when he got home & he said it was a pretty good size one but my first encounter with one since we moved here. Anyway just had to share my excitment. I wonder sometimes if I still am that girl who liked Biology class, things bother me now that I wouldn't have thought of back then. I guess from now on when I hear Ridge yell Mom there's a lizard there is one. :)


Holly said...

That's neat the lizard visited you. I'm surprised you haven't seen one sooner

Trennia said...

lol..Reminds me when a snake slithered across Sara's feet! talking about a scream!
Your story is funny!Great way to start my busy day!

April said...

Wow - that Army man didn't stand a chance did he? :)

Just Breathe said...

We have lizards, even some rainbow looking ones. They leave sh** all over the place.
Anyway, my Skye goes crazy over them. I don't let her out until they run away. I'm not sure what she would do with one and I don't want to know! They are better then a snake.

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