Monday, September 21, 2009

~ Sunday Wedding ~

This past Sunday we traveled to Blue Lakes Middle Creek Expansion Campground in Hope Valley, California. It was about a hour & fifteen minutes from our place. We went there for a outdoor wedding. Roger & Dawn were married in the middle of the woods. I met Dawn last yr when our daughter's were in 1st grade together. Anyway while waiting for the kids to get out of school we usually talk about our days & she is a stay at home Mom to. One day she was telling me about the wedding & said we are getting married in the middle of the woods. Well we decided to go to the wedding & yes it was down a big hill & right in the middle. It was pretty there and so peaceful. I took some pictures with my camera phone but it looked even better than those. They really had a beautiful day and it was nice to actually see some green and smell some really clean air. It almost made me feel like I was in OHIO again, LOL. Anyway we had a really good time and so did the kids.

Roger and Dawn and there families.

What a beautiful cake !!

Saga and Epic - sister and brother

Epic looking so cute in his Little Tux Jacket.

Saga - Marie's best friend and Mini Bride for the Day !!!


Trennia said...

Hey Caroline,
It looked beautiful!
Thanks for all the prayers :0)
Did you get your gift cards yet?

Holly said...

A wedding in the woods would be pretty!

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