Friday, September 4, 2009

~ My First Giveaway & Some News ~

Last Friday , I made my 100th post. Wow so hard to believe since I just started blogging. I have really had alot of fun doing this and have met alot of neat people on here. So to celebrate I'm having a giveaway with somethings I made. I love to make things but being a Mom even though I stay at home I still don't have that extra time. I made a Throw that of course has Monkey's on it just like our blog. I just thought that was so neat. The other day when I went to pick out the material for it, I only had my youngest daughter , she is only 4 months Carly w / me so I just loved the way she smiled at the monkeys so we went with it. :)
Also I found a couple cute baskets & so I decided to decorate a couple for Fall & give those away too. This is my first giveaway so what I would like is to know is what is your favorite time of year ? Just leave a comment & you will be entered in the drawing. The drawing will end Tuesday at midnight. So everyone has 3 chances to win something. I'm excited & to all of you thanx for following me and the awesome comments. I will announce the winner on Wednesday.

Now for the news: We are moving, no not back to Ohio. That was my wish but we are moving to the downstairs apartment right below us. The steps here are terrible and with my gang I'm so scared someone will fall & get hurt. we have been here for 2 yrs and the bottom apartment became empty. I jumped at the chance to move. It will just be easier for lots of reasons.Not sure what day next wk looks like Thursday so we have to get things switched around like cable & internet so I may not be around for a couple days. Hoping not to long I will miss my computer friends.

Well I also wanta wish everyone a Happy Labor Day Weekend & stay safe, Take care {{HUGS}} :)

Basket one

Basket two

Monkey Throw

Our Killer Steps as I call them.


Trennia said...

My favorite season is winter...I love when the white snow covers the trees and pure the snow looks and reminds me of Jesus' love for us is pure love.I love taking my kids sledding,snowball fights,building snowmen...I like fall too, but there's just something about the winter air that takes me back to my childhood!

Renee G said...

My favorite season is autumn after the first frost. I love all the bright colors outside, and love being able to put sweaters on again.


Franchesca Cox said...

Winter! Winter! Winter! I know this its superficial, but the clothes! I love winter clothes! Boots, scarves, oh... I miss the cold weather. Its still 90-95 degrees where Im at...

Jim said...

Hi again, Caroline. You have made some pretty baskets and throws. Congratulations on the 100th post! [I am at 1,367 Posts on my main blog today.]
I don't blame you for wanting to move downstairs, it is soooooo much safer for the kids. I am sure you would like to move to Ohio as well and I can understand that very well.
We lived in El Paso for five years a long time ago and it took a couple of years to get to like that place. I could have settled down there after those first years. :-)
Feel free to peek around at my blogs. I am running three active right now, the Ask Dr. Jim (blog) is feeling neglected lately but Google is paying its keep.

Jim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim said...

Oh yes, Caroline, I meant to tell you that you can save some of your gifts for another day, especially since the comments are running low. I did not leave these comments just for a gift. Thank you though.

Perhaps the 6WS will pull some in some more readers who will leave comments for you. Blogging friends are nice to have, a whole lot better than pen pals and less demanding than FaceBook or Twitter in my mind.

The Runge Family said...

Fall, Fall, Fall! Now that we have moved to a state that actually has a fall like we did back home I can't wait for it to start! The turning of the leaves, the colder weather! I can't wait!!!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Cute blanket! Those steps {and the doors} look just like my cousin's old apartment in Indiana!

Holly said...

I think summer would be my fav. I love the warmth and getting out and doing activities when it's nice.

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