Tuesday, September 1, 2009

~ Read With Us - Chapter 8 ~

Join us as we continue reading with Holly, In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me, by Lynnette Kraft.

I was glad to see that God gave Lynnette a longer pregnancy. Praying that it would help the child. I was also glad that God had gave her a easy delivery. With any child I know that the easy delivery the better for everyone but especially one that is already having complications. I can relate so much to the idea of eating healthy during pregnancy. This past pregnancy I was 44 & my doctor of course did the great sugar test which I failed both times. So she put me on a diet & a daily pill. I had to check my sugar all the time. I remember being so upset but at the same time I knew it was only to help the child. After 2 weeks of following the diet & the pill, I was getting the shakes so bad & she took me off the pill. I finished the rest of my pregnancy w/ only following the diet. I had lost 2 children before so I wanted to do everything I could to keep this one healthy.

Have you incorporated any healthier living into your family ?

Yes , I'm a big health nut as my hubby would say. I don't buy alot of junk food. My kids drink Kool-Aid but sugar free. I buy Sun chips & Baked Chips. They eat alot of crackers & Granola Bars & etc..... Yes my kids eat candy but not lots. We eat alot of Turkey Breast & my kids love salad well my older 2. Jennifer is 5 & still picky. I fix healthy foods to now since I'm home all the time I make alot better meals not all that fast stuff. I still like fast stuff but not like I used to. That's why when I was put on the diet from the Dr it didn't change things much for me. But as far as drinking green juice I don't think I could do that.

The Dr that was so rude to Lynnette brought back alot of unpleasant memories for me. I do not understand how someone so rude could work in a hospital where your job is to care for people.

Have you encountered any Doctors like this ?

As much as I dislike saying this but yes I have. When I went to the E.R. not knowing I was pregnant with my son. The Dr on call that nite in O.B. was so rude to me. Of course I got him up at midnight but that's what on call is. After I delievered my son & so much I was trying to soak in not knowing myself I was pregnant & had just gave birth. He came back & gave me the third degree for as he called it putting on a show & risking a child's life. As soon as he left the room I cried , I just wanted to runaway & take my son & not look back. The nurse that held my hand while I delivered stayed with me & told me he is like that & just doesn't understand. It wasn't right, if I had known things would have been done so different for one thing I would have seen a Dr. I'm not like that. He made me feel terrible & I couldn't wait to get out of the hospital. I never wanted to see him again.


Holly said...

I'm sorry the dr treated you like that. I don't like being oncall either but it's part of the job! I would never dream of being mean or rude to a patient. If they had a choice they wouldn't even be there in the first place!!!

April said...

Geez! How rude huh? I can't believe the idea of a doctor treating you that way. he must come across alot of dishonest people in order to treat the innocent so cruely. Sorry you had to experience that. I can only imagine your emotions from being through labor and having missed th whole preg., much less some much need time to prepare for another child!

Little Ladybugs said...

Wow I am so sorry you had to go through that.. What a bad Dr. No matter what he should have been understanding. As for the healthy eating and living I am the same way you are and I do not know about you but I catch heck about it. I have had other people tell me I am to strict with my kids. I do not buy candy, but they get it on special occasions(Halloween, fair time that sort of thing). No soda, sugar free kool aid only and we my kid favorite place to eat out is Subway...which is funny because when they get a sub they do not get any dressing and hardly ever eat all the breading. I also limit t.v time and make sure we go out everyday. I just want my kids to grow up healthy, unlike how I grew up. I do not feel like I am being mean just the opposite I am teaching them how to be healthy!!!! God Bless You...

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