Monday, September 28, 2009

~ Spending Time With My Kiddos ~

It's been a busy time around the Croley home this past weekend. Saturday Dad had to work 12 hrs at work. It was good but there was so much to do. Saturday was Family Fun Day at the park we live beside. They had games and things to do and Subway was doing a free lunch. So we went and had a blast. After we got done there we stopped by the playground and the kids played for a bit.
Sunday was a big day too. Dad had to work again all day never got home until 9 pm. Jennifer had her 1st Birthday party to attend from a classmate at school. She was so excited and I was to. I had to take all the kids because Dad was at work. The birthday party was at Gold Dust West Bowling Center. They also have a casino there and the kids could see all the flashing & pretty lights. So while Jennifer was at the party Carly & I hung out between the arcade and the party. Ridge and Marie spent there time playing games and having fun. I had fun watching Jennifer try to bowl along with all the rest of the Kindergarden classmates that came. Ridge and Marie and I had some birthday cake too. It was really fun and I got to spend some time with the kiddos all weekend.


Just Breathe said...

Glad you got out of the house and had some fun.

Holly said...

Sorry your hubby had to work so much but it sounds like you had a lot to do and had some fun!

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