Monday, September 14, 2009

~ Just A Update on Us ........ ~

Just a little update to all of you. Well we started moving last Wednesday to the downstairs apartment and finished on Friday afternoon. It worked out great my hubby Paul was off of work all wk due to slow time, I wasn't really happy about that. Anyway we got the move done and having him here he took the kiddos to school & went & got them. Even though we walk back & forth which gets me out of the apartment, I love to hear all there stories of the day while walking home & Carly loves the outside when it's not to HOT !!! Well I have for the most part everything where I want it at least for now, LOL. My hubby would be laughing I'm always changing things. :)

So I was a little behind on my blog but this week I should be back on track, I think. Also this is the kiddos last wk of school & then they go on there first 3 week break. I think we are already for it. That's one reason I like yr round school you get those breaks sometimes just when you need them. The kids of course love school & there friends and already I heard them saying I don't want Friday to come & be our last day....... I'm just glad they love going. Also just for a update on the college kids things are going well for both of them. Jessica really likes college alot better than high school. Well thanx 4 listening to me go on & on .............. Have a great Monday !!!

Oh Don't forget to check out my new button on my blog to help Danielle a new blog friend of mine. " Fight for Wyatt ". Thanx


Holly said...

I'm glad the kids are liking school!!! Moving isn't fun so I'm glad you got it done! I bet it helped a lot having Paul there.

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