Thursday, September 10, 2009

~ Moving Day and My Giveaway Winners ~

Sorry this post is late, I wanted to do it on Wednesday and it turned out to be our moving day. I still had Jennifer my five yr old at home sick. Her little tummy was still upset. We only moved downstairs but still alot to do. My husband's work is shut down for a wk due to slow time, so he was home to help. We got alot done and today's part won't be so bad. I'm still glad we done it and to not have to climb those stairs all the time.

Well now for the giveaway ................ The winner of the Monkey Throw is Holly Haas.

Basket 1 : Franchesca Cox

Basket 2 : Trennia

My daughter Jennifer drew the names, I wanted to take her picture but she didn't want me to. Thanx to everyone that left a comment and entered. To the winners please e-mail your information to me so I can get your gift out to you. My e-mail is This was my first one so look for another coming soon.


Holly said...

Hey cool! I won!! Hey Caroline do you already have my addy or should I email that to you?

Trennia said...

How Sweet!!!I'm excited! I think those prizes are great exspecialy mine.. LOL...
I was just getting ready to decorate for fall! This will look great in my house :0)
Thank you so much!!

The Runge Family said...

Congrats to the winners!!!

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