Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~ So We Don't Forget - Favorite Vacation or Getaway ~

Join us for " So We Don't Forget " it's an opportunity to document those precious moments .... sweet memories so that ..... You Don't Forget " :)

Today's Topic : Favorite Vacation or Getaway.

Well my favorite vacation or getaway was before I was married. It was taking off for Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio. It is a great amusement park. I think one of the best in the world. My sister Colleen & I would just take off & go spend the weekend there. We even loved it so much we would buy a season pass & go prolly 6 or 7 times a summer. It only took us a couple hrs to get there. The season pass was actually cheaper if you planned on going alot & that was us. We loved roller coasters & at the time we both didn't care if we stood in line 2 - 3 hrs to wait for a 5 min ride or less. Plus Lake Erie was a beautiful Lake & so much to do around that area. They also added a AWESOME waterpark there Soak City & with us loving water like we do, we would take one day to just spend there. My sister was 5yrs younger than me & we just had such a blast together. I miss those times & especially since I live out of state. That's just one of the great things I miss about living in Ohio. I haven't been there for about 6 yrs but Cedar Point at one time used to be my second home in the summertime. So if you ever visit the Awesome state of Ohio Cedar Point is worth checking out.


Sally-Ann said...

Sounds like it would be a fun place to spend the summer! Hearing you describe it makes me want to go there!! Thanks for sharing your memories

Shayna Mills said...

LOVE Cedar Point, used to live near Dayton and would go there every summer, now living back in home state of TX and although Six Flags rocks, there's no place like Cedar Point.

Holly said...

I love Cedar Point!! I know that place real well! I haven't been there for a few years being pregnant for the past couple summers but Anth and I used to go a couple times each summer. I love riding roller coasters. We have King's Island near my place. I've been there once since we lived here but I only road one coaster.

Debbie said...

I've never been to Cedar Point but it sounds like it's lots of fun.

Trennia said...

Never been there..sounds great though!

April said...

I just love amusement parks! I haven't been in quite come time, but I hope I can still take the rides like I used to. I know after my mom had children, for some reason she couldn't even take the Ferris Wheel anymore :)

Lynnette Kraft said...

Who would've thought there would be such a neat vacation place in Ohio! :) Sounds like a great time!

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