Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~ Read With Us - Chapter 11 ~

Join us as we continue reading with Holly, In Faithfulness, He Afflicted Me, by Lynnette Kraft.

In this Chapter Lynnette speaks of being blessed with her life and a sweet relationship with Kyle, and the gift of four precious children, which she watched 2 of them die, and her little girl she watched barely hang on to life. She speaks of having to stay home in the fall/ winter months especially because of the fear of Anna getting sick. It was lonely at times for them. Only part of the family could go and which left Kyle to do alot of running for the family. I'm sure it was alot for all of them to take in at times. One thing that they couldn't do is always attend church together, something that they didn't want to split up doing as a family so they stayed home and wo. rshiped by singing songs and praising God.

Do you think that you can grow in faith without going to church ?

Yes you can , I know personally you can. When I was younger my Dad worked at a job where Sunday work was never a issue. Then he changed jobs and worked for the Holmes Co Highway Dept, where he ran a high lift & in the winter time he plowed the roads. Well my Mom didn't drive she was in a bad accident when she was 7 months pregnant with me & got scared. So when bad weather came any day of the week, Dad wasn't there and if it was a Sunday we couldn't attend church. I was raised in a christian home and so we would sing songs and watch a preacher on T.V.My Mom was a Sunday School teacher to and so she always had something ready for all of us. Dad always kept a bible in his van & I know he used it. My Mom I can remember when I was young always wanted us to go to youth group but sometimes we couldn't attend & so we would listen to WCRF radio station and do follow along bible study with stuff she ordered from there. I remember liking it & I'm so thankful I had parents that cared about us & the Lord.My Grandma was a very strong christian lady and I remember her telling me that no matter what God is always there for you in church or not. I also remember a neighbor we had growing up and I know he didn't attend church but he knew what the bible said & lived it to.


Trennia said...

I agree!!!!

April said...

IT's great that your mother found other means to expose your family to the teachings of Christ. I like what your Grandma said and it's clear that you have remembered that your whole life. Make sure your tell your children the same thing :)

Holly said...

You're grandma is right!!! I like how you did things to worship and praise Him even at home on Sundays.

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