Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~ 5 Months ~

Today this Little Miss Carly as we call her turns 5 months today. So hard to believe that time as went so fast. It just seems like we brought her home the other day. She is getting so Big and on the move. She isn't crawling yet but she knows how to get somewhere when she wants to. I thought I would share some pictures of her favorite thing to do nowadays. Well here goes have you guessed yet ???????

She just loves to look under the couch, so I told the older kids no more hiding things from MOM !!!

She also loves the girls silky outside of there sleeping bags, so I just unzip one and lay it out on the floor for her to roll around on. She even puts herself to sleep on it most of the time. She doesn't stay on it long but she still loves it. She has been sleeping all night since she was a month old to and that's nice too. So that's where we are at 5 months.


Just Breathe said...

She is adorable. Happy 5 Months!

Holly said...

She's such a cutie and so funny!!

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