Thursday, September 1, 2011

Short Story - Slam - Week 9

I can't believe your gone

It all seems so wrong.

Memories of us still linger all the time

Back when you were mine.

Somehow I know I could stand here forever.

Waiting for you to come back.

Grief is so hard at times.

Just as the waves crash back and forth.

I will forever miss you.

Standing here on the beach helps me.

The wonderful memories we shared together.

I wait for the day to see you again forever.

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Sarita Boyette said...

Beautiful, Caroline. You are a great writer. xoxo

kez said...

Lovely and emotive thank you x

Debby@Just Breathe said...

This is beautiful.

Bluebell Books said...


The Cello Strings said...

solid passion,
love wins.

beautiful entry.

bendedspoon said...

hopefully waiting, lovely :)

Morning said...

love it.
amazing thoughts on the prompt.

Ann LeFlore said...

such a lovely poem

e.a.s. demers said...

Such a wonderful, yet heart-wrenching piece! Well done :-)

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