Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The 6th and It's Meanings

Dates I have a way relating so much of my life to them. I mean after all who doesn't. There is a day for this and a day for that. It all takes a number to remember certain things.

Well today is eight months since I micarried. I was thinking Wow it doesn't seem like that long. Time sure has went by quickly. I still remember that January day. My first thought was the number 6 my birthday is on a 6. I wouldn't forget but I know I will forever remember that number and my Sweetpea. I look at it today as special Sweetpea & Mommy hold that same number. I still miss that little person so much.

Then tonight I was on FB and I ran across this

September 6th is Stillbirth Remembrance Day. Stillbirths tragically strike in 1 out every 115 pregnancies. In the USA, 26,000 babies are stillborn every year. That's approximately 71 precious babies born sleeping every single day. Stillbirth is over 10 times more common than SIDS deaths. <3 <3 <3

I thought wow another number 6th date to remember. I hadn't heard of it before so I googled it to read more about it.

Tomorrow is Sept the 6th & it is also my birthday. I thought of how today I thought so much about my little Sweetpea. Today the other kids were coloring pics and our crafty neighbor lady had the kids at her house making me something. So I can't wait to wake up in the morning and see what they have all came up with. I know even though today my heart was a bit sad tomorrow morning there will be those children with all those smilin faces sayin I Love You Mommy Happy Birthday !!! I can't wait til morning. It's gonna be a Happy 6th day of the month.



Natasha said...

Happy happy birthday! I hope your day is great!

Thanks for sharing that today is Stillbirth Awareness Day- I hope one day there is more research done to help prevent so many stillbirths.

Much love to you friend....xoxo

That corgi :) said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!! I hope it is a great day for you and you are spoiled with lots of goodies from your family!! I am so sorry its been eight months already; it is so sad anyone has to do with a pregnancy loss whether its through stillborn, miscarriage, etc. It is good there is awareness about these events too so people can try to encourage and comfort as much as they can those, like you, who have suffered such losses.

hugs to you


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!! My birthday is also on a 6th :) I hope you have a fabulous and peaceful day!!

Holly said...

<3 love to you as you remember and love for you bday

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Since I already read your other post I know your birthday was hard.
I hate those numbers, the statistics are so sad. My heart aches for all those families who have lost their precious babies.

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