Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conference & Update on Snack Time

I'm really Happy .......

I'm really proud of my children.

This week has been parent/teacher conferences at school. I really never hear anything bad. Ridge likes to talk but for the most part that is all I ever hear.

Anyway .........

Kids are doing wonderful.
Ridge is reading at a High level. he is a fifth grader and can handle 9th grade level. He loves to write and is doing well with that. His teacher is having him read books and write reviews on them for other students. Ridge wants to write a book someday. He has a story started on my laptop. Really makes me proud. Math he needs some work but is still right where he needs to be.

Thaniqua is a model student. Her teacher said if I could have everyone as kind as her I would be in Heaven. Work wise she is reading 6th grade level & doing well. She is in the 4th grade and also in choir. She is also working on a story for her reading class.

Jennifer ~ Jenna she wants to be called that now that she informed me I am growing up. She makes me laugh. She is doing very well. Reading at 3rd grade level. Her teacher also told me she gave 2 difficult math problems and Jennifer was the only child in the class to get them right. She listens well no matter how out of hand the class is.

So Paul & I are above Happy with them.

I can't leave Carly out. She is learning at home can count on her own to 13. Abc's through the letter L. Trying real hard to catch up with the others , Lol. Learns so much from Dora & other shows she watches. Yay !!!!!!

For the second part of this post here goes.

First I found this on Pinterest & thought it fit right in.

Well I had my meeting with the principal about the Jennifer Punch in the Tummy.
I was very brave and voiced my opinion. I also came up with a plan to help stop this from happening again. You know what she was in favor of it.

Here was my idea to help.
Have the PTA purchase a healthy snack like granola bars from Costco at a good price. If the child does not have a snack and wants one they can supply it for them. This is mainly for students who cannot afford to bring a snack everyday like the school wants them to. If a child forgot one they can also have one but this does not need to be public knowledge for everyone to know. To help cover the cost I told them that when we have awards day and parents come to watch they could sell coffee and some type of baked good. All proceeds could help give a child a snack. They have awards day 4 times a year. Also there are quite a few parents that have to stay the entire morning to see all there children get there awards. It would be nice to sell something instead of parents having to run out to get coffee or something to eat while waiting. I know I would support this and the school could take donations for this also.

So now when school starts back after break there will be a snack for everyone.
I'm excited about this and every grade will have a box of snacks for those who cannot afford them.

I'm not happy about what happened to Jennifer but I'm happy to see something good come out of this.



Trennia said...

Way to go!
You made a difference and I'm so happy for you!

Sarita Boyette said...

I'm so proud for you that all your children are excelling in learning!
That was really a good idea you had about the snacks and I'm glad the principal liked it. Everybody wins in this case. xoxo

That corgi :) said...

WTG to Ridge, Thaniqua and Jenna (formerly known as Jennifer, LOL). The reason they are all reading at higher levels is YOU Caroline, because I remember you writing about taking them to the library and having them read daily on breaks, etc. That is definitely paying off!! Glad to hear the conferences went well!

Love the idea you had for the snacks, Caroline!! I'm glad you were able to come up with a plan that is doable, not too expensive and everyone can participate in it by buying snacks/coffee etc at award assemblies, etc. (Its a shame the school didn't foresee this to be a problem before they asked for kids to bring snacks, but, I'm glad that a solution is being put into place and it was orchestrated by you!). You have made a significant difference that hopefully no other child will have to be harrassed and hurt about having a snack!

Great lesson to talk to Jennifer about too; that problems can be solved. Hope she is doing okay!


Kristie said...

So good to hear it is all working out with snack time!

And it's great to hear how well your kiddos are doing in school! I can imagine how proud you must be of them! :-)

Mary @ VivalaVida said...

Great job!! I'm so happy the principal was all for it. It is so nice when the school can work with parents for the good of the kiddos. Way to go on voicing your suggestions!!

Holly said...

The kids are all doing so well. I'm sure youre a proud momma! :) great idea about the snacks. Hopefully that will help to deter anything like that from happening again in the future

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