Sunday, September 25, 2011

School Snack Time & A Punch

For the ones of you that follow my blog and are friends with me on FB, you probably know Jennifer got sick at school last Thursday. I was already on my way to school to eat lunch w/Thaniqua. I got there and Jennifer was in the nurse's office. No fever the nurse said but she got sick in her classroom. I called Paul since it was lunch time and he came & took us home. We changed her and put one of her favorite movies in and I did laundry. She seemed fine so after a couple hrs I left to go get the kids at school. Jennifer stayed home w/Jared. I came back and Jennifer ate a few crackers and some 7-Up and was doing good. I decided to sit down and ask Jennifer if there was anything she did different before she was sick. We talked and then I found out a good reason she got sick.

Jennifer told me a girl in her class wanted her snack. I guess she always wants her snack. She sits at Jennifer's table. This is what I send Jennifer for her 10:30am snack. Nothing fancy I feel.

Well here this girl punched Jennifer in the tummy really hard. I also found out this she was chasing her so Jennifer was running from her. It was also pretty warm here last week. So they went inside from recess and she started eating her snack & got sick.

I asked Jennifer Why didn't you tell me ???

I didn't wanta get that girl in trouble. Well Friday we kept Jennifer home even though she could have went. I went to eat lunch w/Thaniqua & Ridge then I talked to the office. So now just waiting to see what happens. I just want this to stop. I don't send anything fancy to school just healthy like they ask us too. That is also what I send the older kids.

I talked to Paul and we both feel its sad that at that young of a age a child would get so upset over a granola bar. We also talked about maybe donating some snacks for the school for children that don't have them. I know it won't be a answer for everything but I just wonder if her parents don't have a snack for her. It's sad but Jennifer has been dealing with this for a while just didn't want to tell on her. I do know that Thursday was the first time she hit her.

So Jennifer is returning to school tomorrow and feeling better since she told us.



That corgi :) said...

That is sad, Caroline, that this happened to Jennifer. Poor little girl! I feel bad for the other little girl for perhaps not having a snack, but her behavior in treating Jennifer like this with punching her hard in the stomach and chasing her and I'm sure taunting her on other days is just so unkind and wrong. You were definitely right to mention this to the office; her behavior has to stop because you know it will continue to grow if she thinks she can get away with it. So sad for her. I liked when my kids were in kindergarten, parents took turns bringing snacks in so everyone got one. Kids do need a bit of a snack especially if it is a long time between breakfast and lunch, but it does pose that dilemma if a parent doesn't send in a snack and a child feels they deserve one. No easy answer on that one.

Regardless, glad Jennifer told you guys what was up and that she is feeling okay to go back to school tomorrow.


Holly said...

It is very sad and I do hope that it stops. Give Jennifer a hug for me!

Kristie said...

I'm so sorry Jennifer had to go through that! You are definitely doing the right thing. I don't know if this could be implemented in your school, but at my daughter's school all the parents send a box of crackers at the beginning of the school year to share, so all the children have the same thing for a snack.

I really hope it all works out :-)

Trennia said...

So sad to hear Jennifer went through that, you did the right thing by telling the office.
It is sad that parents don't send snacks for their children, or maybe they do and they want someone eles who knows.
We sent snacks for all children at my kids old school, parents took turns at our new school each of my kids take their own snack or I can send for the entire k classes, but not the I send simple snacks with each of my kids and on special days, like birthdays or holidays I send for the classes.Things are differnt here then our old home, like the elm is a peanut/nut free school so I have to read the ingredints.This week is diificult the kids are taking homemade sweets to sale at the teacher bake sale and whoever sales the most can run for king/queen or prince/princess...I hope Jennifer don't endure anymore bullying give her a (hug) from me and the family.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is heartbreaking. That is bullying and it has to be stopped.
Your children are in a good school so I pray they take care of it!

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