Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tough Day

Well I'm so ready for some quiet time. There is no school tomorrow so the kids will probably stay up a bit later tonite. It's been a tough day. WHY ????? I have no reason. My mind was just wandering so many places.

So after a good cry earlier.

My Mom always told me it's good to let it out. I feel better. Gonna get the kids some ice cream and read some blogs and just have some good Mommy time.

Have a great one & if you have tomorrow off enjoy it , I know I'm going to try. If your not off still have a great one.



That corgi :) said...

I agree with your mom, Caroline; sometimes it is good to get it out in a cry; I know it helps for me, it might not change the situation, but I do think it is cleansing to cry and I am reminded often how God collects all our tears (I think there's a Lake Betty in heaven :)

hoping tomorrow ia a better one for you; I'm sure being with the kids and enjoying their company it will be so very nice!


Trennia said...

So sorry you are having a bad time, it always sneeks up so suddenly on us.My kids had school today to make up a snow day.Hope you feel better today love ya like a sister.

Linda said...

Awww Caroline...we women are amazing creations. God made us to be emotional and caring. I just think that sometimes we get to the end of what we can cope with.

Add to that our hormones...and it is certain we will have our breaking moments now and then. Especially when we have suffered a loss as you have.

Hold tight to your faith sweet lady. And may today be a better day for you.

Love, Linda

Holly said...

I'm sorry it was a tough day. I hope you are feeling better now

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sending you a big ((HUG))

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