Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb ~ Monthly Wriiting Challenge

Faces of Loss , Faces of Hope has a monthly writing challenge every month. I had this post tucked away when our internet was down. Since this week is hard and thinking of so many memories going through my head I thought I would share it.
This month you are to write about how someone a family member , a friend or someone special touched your life in a special way following your loss ?

I worked in a warehouse and was a lead person / forklift operater. My boss Dave was just the best boss anyway. His wife and him had no children. She had lots of female issues but they both loved kids. I remember the day I told him I was expecting , he was so excited. My Jennifer would just be turning 2 yrs old in April and he said your right on target. I have this thing every two yrs I was pregnant. Anyway the day I lost my baby Dave was right on the phone. He was so sweet and he never said any of those things I didn't wanta hear like it was for the best or you have other kids. He instead told me I have no idea what you feel but I am here for you and he even stayed out on the floor so others wouldn't be so hurtful to me. We sat down and both cried together anything I wanted or needed he was there. I couldn't have asked for any better treatment going back to work. He loved to have a good time and made work fun but at the same time even though he never had a child he knew what to say & do. I will never forget how far he went for me.



stitchndeb said...

That was incredibly nice of him!! ~Debbie

Together We Save said...

That is wonderful... some people can be so kind.

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